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Thread: any tips here?

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    any tips here?

    a bit over a year ago i bought a pretty substantial subeta account here with the intention of slowly clearing it and trickling items to my primary account. used a proxy close to the original owner, continents away from where i live, etc. etc.

    came back 2 days ago on the proxy i've always used for it to find it's been frozen. was a shock as i had no idea they actually let you into a frozen account and you can still see the sidebar and all your shop profits and stuff.

    if it's 12 months for an account to clear after its been frozen, then it was frozen in august. what i'm confused about is that it was frozen for "multiple accounts" yet my primary remains untouched. i do have gold there so perhaps they don't want to lose a paying customer by freezing it?? perhaps the original owner was somehow able to access the account and did it on the same IP as their current account??

    is it worth trying to file a ticket from the frozen account (assuming you can file a ticket from inside it), and if so how should i go about it? the person who sold it to me has been inactive here for some time; i sent them a message but have yet to receive a response. i'm guessing i would need the email address to the account etc. as well, which sucks big time as it's still the original owner's. i'm a big idiot, i know.

    just can't quite fathom the thought of losing 500mil+ sP that's sitting in the shop profits ;A;

    i'm back baybeeee | nfi what i'm doing tho

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    I would totally give it a go by sending a ticket, luckly they answer those pretty fast so by tomorrow you might have an answer. It's tricky how to go about it since subeta is very strict with multiple accounts. At this point my guess is that the old owner made a new account and that might have triggered the alert.

    If you don't know the mail of the account, writing the ticket might be a bit tricky, you can try either saying that you got hacked and don't know what the person changed the things to, and try to put as much info as you can of what you remember about the account, or, try to appeal the sentimental way and say how many years you've worked on the account and that you indeed made another account but that you won't use it and you miss that one, etc,etc always saying how much sP you had and how you bought gold and contribute to subeta as an active player. Luckly people who answer tickets on subeta are pretty human and don't tend to go with the copy/pasted responses that much. So either way, they will read it.

    Hopefully you can get it back

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