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Thread: [JAVA] Post Issues

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    [JAVA] Post Issues

    Wondering if anyone may have experienced anything like this before when using Zer0's Wrapper

    I'm working on a bit of a project of my own, converting a program I made in VB6 some time ago into Java (The VB6 version still runs fine mind you) in hoping to make it available to my Mac now without all the effort of installing wine and other stuff.

    The issue I seem to have is that the wrapper is only processing a single POST request (e.g. the login request) and all others are seemingly ignored or loading the page but not processing the POST data. Get requests are working fine. The post data is 100% identical to the data which the old program uses and I'm at a bit of a loss with whats going on with it.

    Multidimensional Arrays:

    Login Code:

    Attempted Second Post (Purchase/Sale of Goods):

    Port1 fails to purchase goods as is required and Port2 fails to sell goods even when you purchase them manually and then try and execute it. I'm assuming it has to be something to do with the way I'm handling the arrays or just something quirky with the wrapper in general. Any help that someone could offer would be greatly appreciated

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    Ok this one might come with a case of I'm a complete retard. Double = and double & in places because I forgot about how the wrapper appends them. Doh!

    Solution Code for the Multidimensional Arrays:

    As you can see I broke the Arrays down further rather than trying to shortcut some strings. It's resolved all issues and the code now executes as expected!
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