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Thread: Safe Botting Procedures

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    Safe Botting Procedures

    Posted this on another forum, under same alias. It's me, my content. Not ripping. Just shit i've noticed and some no brainers to me.
    In this example I am talking about the bot Pokefarmer.

    I've shut down my bots and have been lurking for the past few days. Handing out hella refunds/ replacements to customers. Big headache. And when you sell as many accounts as I do, you don't have time to bot. And I'm tired of buying accounts, and getting them replaced from my supplier and having to replace buyers. It's a continous, tiresome, going nowhere process.

    Did you know, there are people out there will to spend upwards of $100 dollars for your SAFE SAFE SAFE lvl 25 account?

    I've been wondering around collecting data and reading reviews of players all over the globe and have come to realize it's not impossible to bot right now. It appears as soon as your account sets off a flag though, it will get banned in time.

    When you are botting some things that will definitely get you banned is;
    - Botting on the same IP more than one instance. Meaning, use proxies for each session! To further expand, don't use free proxies, or easy to find ones. EVERYONE will be using these.
    - Setting off soft bans. (too many to list)
    - Change of device in the same session. (logging in while botting)
    - Teleporting distance greater than 1km.

    Reason I say this is, our bots do not send back data correctly. A lot of blank values are being sent back. Everyday they add more features as they decrypt them, which will make them safer in time when they are being reviewed.
    So although you won't get banned immediately setting off a softban, or teleporting, or botting concurrently on the same device/IP. But it does flag your account, which will get looked at in time. And will result in a ban.

    People who have been botting successfully have gone the extra mile to ensure they are keeping each instance separate from each other. One false move and the whole stock could be jeopardized. In addition, they ensure they are not setting off any flags on their account. They do this by botting slow and steady with human behavior/resting periods.

    What do I mean by human behavior?

    I mean resting periods, fucking up every now and then, being lazy! What human does not stop to eat? To shit? To sleep? What human wants to walk around for 12+ hrs catching Pokemon everyday?
    What human transfers every Pokemon they capture immediately? Or as soon as they login, they organize their account to a specific way every time? Who has the gas to drive around non-stop all day long at 20 mph?

    I'll tell you, NO ONE!

    So why do we do it? We just give ourselves away!

    My suggestion to achieve human like behavior using Pokefarmer would be to turn off the extra features while running it. Why do you evolve everytime you reach the right amount of candies, or at the next Pokestop?

    We have Pokemon evaluation tool that we can use to transfer and evolve specific Pokemon. USE IT INSTEAD!

    Make sure you WAIT an ample amount of time before setting the next Pokemon into queue. Or else it will evolve/transfer multiple Pokemon right after the other!

    When did humans travel the same speed, wondering aimlessly? They don't! Make a DETAILED GPX path (Which this bot does not support yet sigh). Then set the bot at different speeds each time you run the session.

    What human can play all the time? No one! So either you stand by and watch your bot responsibly or seek coding assistance to do the following.

    (For windows only)
    Write bat files to start and stop the bot. Additional scripting would be needed to auto-start/ configure the settings on next load.
    Next schedule when the bat files should execute in your windows task scheduler.

    What human catches the same every-time, or does everything the same every time? NONE! Some times you might hardcore catch Pokemon, other moments you might be only targeting the ones you like because you already got a ton of Zubats and are tired of catching them (LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN WOULD BE). You would do this during a single session, not two different sessions. Sometimes you wait and let the circle get smaller before throwing your Pokeball.

    Since when did we get logged out of our device every time we close the app? We log in and create a new session EVERY TIME we restart the bot. WAIT a period of time before restarting!!!!!!!!

    Everything in conglomeration together, will give you a very very safe botting experience -- that we are aloud to at the moment. It's all up to YOU to not set off any flags that would make your account get looked into. If you have been soft-banned, i fear it might be too late.

    I know we can't do all this because we are limited to how much we can do (such as keeping session alive when pausing/ restarting bot). Or setting random time adjustments for different basic procedures such as throwing pokeball, transfer pokemon, walking, etc.

    So it's up to us to MAN YOUR DEVICE and constantly monitor.

    Disclaimer: Getting soft-banned does not always result in a hardban obviously. But they should be treated this way! We know that once an account has been flagged, they will get banned. 0 tolerance attitude from Niantic for cheaters.

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