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Thread: J_L_K's legit guide to KASS BASHER

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    J_L_K's legit guide to KASS BASHER

    Another guide from my collection

    So you wanna know how to play Kass Basher huh? Well, I'm here to put it into the most simplest details as I can.

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    First off, you are a little blue blumaroo, it has no name, but most people call him, B.B., at least I think they do. Anyways, when you first start this game, you only have one option, and that is to play on the bread mode (easy mode), the other two modes are locked for now so I wouldnt worry about them for the time being. Back to bread mode, here you are standing beneath a big tree with a kass plushie sitting precariously on one of the branches, as your blumaroo character holds a loaf of bread, which I suspect to be at least 2 weeks old, possibly more, but, you need to swing that loaf of bread to hit the kass plushie. To make the plushie fall, click once on the left button on your mouse, then right when the plushie is beside your head, click once more to hit the plushie. It is probably in your best interest to wait until the wind thingy on the bottom left says about 8 or 9 meters/second, not -8 or -9, but 8 or 9, thats because the wind is blowing from right to left at that speed and it will help to send that kass plushie even further the higher the number is.

    It will go flying, but the key to unlocking the second and third levels to this game is, when you click your mouse the second time, hold the button until the plushie gets leveled off way up high in the air. Now see, your goal is to get it to at least 175 meters, and the best way to do that is right when the plushie hits the ground, click yoru mouse again and hold it just for a split second, and repeat as its bouncing along the ground. If you dont get at least 175 meters right away, do not send your score, restart it and try again.

    When you get past 175 meters, it will unlock the stick mode (medium mode). You can obviously tell what you'll be using in this level, a good size stick. Same thing here, click once to make the plushie fall, and once more to send it flying, but this time around the plushie falls a little quicker than it did in bread mode, so you need to make your timing adjustments accordingly. Also, don't forget the trick where you hold down your button when you send it flying, and clicking as its bouncing across the meadow. For this level, you will definately need to wait until the wind is at 9 meters/second, if you want to unlock the next level that is.

    In this mode you need to get past the 450 meter mark then that will unlock the bat mode (hard mode). This mode is the trickiest mode of the three, the plushie falls pretty quickly so you will need some semi-fast reflexes to even hit it. On this mode, definately wait until the wind is at 9 meters/second, it helps ever so much to get a higher score.

    Basically, once you can get the plushie to go at least 900 meters, you can send the score to get the maximum 1000 NPs for the game.

    If you can get your evil kass plushie past 850 meters you can get this spiffy avatar--

    Use the same tricks as above, holding your button, and clicking when its bouncing, and soon you'll have a score good enough to get you 1000 NPs each time you play it.

    Every once in a while, a long while, you can have the option to use a tree as a bat. A friggin tree! Anywho, personally I've never gotten to use it, but from what I gather, it will send the plushie the farthest, close to 2000 meters I'm assuming. But like I said, it is extremely rare and I've never even heard of anyone getting it and I've been on neo for close to 5 years now.

    Thank you for reading this guide, hopefully it has helped you
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