do you think that these people trying to get everyone to think global, buy local are correct? or mistaken?

the way i see it is corporations are needed to keep america running and that the resurgence of "small town america" is a hindrance to americas economy, keeping the money local instead of spreading it around nationally, i'm not saying that there shouldn't be any place for these things, just that we as a nation don't need a whole lot of them

i'm also a bit biased, i live in a small town (pop of about 2k) and the average citizen age is about 50 or so, and of course, they all want this town to be like it was 60-70 years ago, a collection of mom and pop stores and such, example- the town council/committee/whatever keeps voting down to let walmart to build a super center here, even though it would bring a good size amount of jobs to the town, and bring in people from surrounding areas (right now, the nearest walmart is 30 miles away, and all the surrounding areas go to that one, or the other nearest one which is about 40 miles away)

to conclude, i hate the "small town" sentiment, it's good for local communities, but overall it's a busted leg, so to speak