Hey guys, selling Maplestory accounts that haven't been used for a while -- will update info if needed b/c I don't play anymore. I will only take Neopets items.

Account 1:

Level 130 Cannoneer (Decent armor with a Mastery Book that costs ~40M)
Level 86 Wild Hunter (No armor)
Level 26 Demon Slayer (No armor)
Level 20 Battle Mage (No armor)

AB: 7.5M ($15)

Account 2:

Level 126 Wild Hunter (Less than Decent armor with ~30M)
Level 50 Daul Blader (No armor)
Level 30 Evan (No armor)
Level 26 Cannoneer (No armor)

AB: 5M ($10)

Just post or PM me -- will just give to highest bidder if no one offer after a while.