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Thread: [How to] Building a Themed Gallery

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    [How to] Building a Themed Gallery

    What is a Gallery?
    A gallery is an expansion to your shop in which you can place your valuable or not so valuable items for display for the general neo-public to see. In some cases galleries can be seen as a status of wealth, dedication and commitment to the game. Both illegitimate and legit players should invest some time and possibly effort into building an accounts gallery.

    Types of Galleries
    1. The Avatar Lender - Generally has all low end items for view in their gallery. Some players may choose to display items of value such as ZDAP, Meowy etc.
      PROS: For avatar collectors which are aspiring to collect high end items, a low end avatar gallery will give the illusion of dedication to collecting avatars. Lend out these items every once and awhile to build up a reputation on the AC.
      CONS: Placing high end items in your gallery may cause unwanted noobish neomails.
      Estimate Value: 150k Low end, 1.3mil for average, 4mil+ for high end.
      Chance of winning gallery spotlight: Extremely low
    2. The Rich Bitch - Displays their rarest items in their gallery just to show off.
      PROS: Bragging rights, internet fangirls, reputation and prestige. Displays dedication to the game.
      CONS: Useless neomails, beggers, blatantly displays accounts wealth which many attract unwanted attention from people actively trying to crack accounts.
      Estimate Value: 50mil low end, 100+mil high end.
      Chance of winning gallery spotlight: Average - A gallery with a range of expensive items has a higher chance of winning compared to a gallery with a handful of items on display.
    3. The Themed Gallery - My favorite type of gallery. Dedicates the gallery to a particular item, word, look, place etc
      PROS: Shows some effort being put into the account, does not require a large sum of neopoints and time. Makes account look more trustworthy to things such as avatar lenders.
      CONS: Changing your mind after building a particularly themed gallery. May be a common theme.
      Estimate Value: No set value
      Chance of winning gallery spotlight: Average - High - A well thought out theme accompanied by a basic layout has a high chance of winning the gallery spotlight.
      Example: &
    4. ALL OF THE STUFF - Placing items in your gallery instead of into your SDB.
      PROS: Can display wealth, dedication and time to the game. Requires no extra spending.
      CONS:: A poorly filled gallery (junk items) can reverse these effects and make the gallery look cheap and suspicious (e.g spending 50k on floor space and filling it with junk items)
      Estimate Value: No set value
      Chance of winning gallery spotlight: Average - There are examples of galleries just storing random items of winning the gallery spotlight. Arranging items in accordance to their colour is a great way to display this type of gallery.
      Example: &
    5. The Collat Gallery - A safe place to store your items for collat.
      PROS: Items do not have to be displayed in a trade (and get useless offers), Easy to link, Easy to move items around (no cooldown such as when cancelling a trade).
      CONS:Noobish neomails, for people with high end collat blatantly displays accounts wealth which many attract unwanted attention from people actively trying to crack accounts.
      Estimate Value: 10mil +
      Chances of winning gallery spotlight - Average - If you can keep the collat within the same theme, chances of winning will increase.

    Gallery Spotlight
    The Gallery spotlight is a weekly competition in which TNT choose a gallery to publish in the news. You receive NP + a shiny trophy to add to your cabinet for winning the Gallery Spotlight.

    Here are a few tips that will help you win this baby.
    (Submit here for starters!)
    1. Make sure to have a particular them or trend to your gallery. TNT may also try and find galleries related to a certain event or special day such as Wocky Day or Illusen Day.
    2. Make sure you have an interesting description and/blur about your gallery. Get some people to proof read it on the neoboards.
    3. Make sure that you have some sort of layout. If you do decide to develop a complex layout you must make sure that your coding is your own as TNT will not consider an entry otherwise.
    4. Make sure your items are placed in a particular order and look generally appealing. Have a couple of items that don't seem to fit completely? Then list them on the bottom of the page.
    5. Don't stress and enter every week. Keep updating your gallery until you fit TNT's requirements.

      General Gallery Tips

      To create a gallery go here.
      Generally a size 20 gallery will be enough for a chance in the spotlight - this means a minimum cost of 38,150 NP.
      You can opt to hide the shop keeper if you cannot find one that suits the theme.
      Use the categorization and ordering tool to sort your gallery and make it more visually appealing.
      Set a cap for each item you buy. Buy the cheaper items first! Sometimes more is better than less.

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