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Thread: Food Club - Always win guide

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    Cool Food Club - Always win guide

    In an effort to win back the favor of the gods, I'm placing a guide I made a long time ago here.

    Want to ALWAYS win at the food club? Don't care to do lots of math?
    If so- This is the guide for you!

    This is not a newbie guide about how to play the food club, nor how to increase your winnings. (maybe increase your winnings modestly...)

    This is a guide to always win at the food club, every bet you place- you WILL win using this guide.

    It's founded on the 'dutch book' idea- where you can always win if you place the right amount on each participant.

    Just follow these steps, you can do this on multiple races (if there's more than 1 that has a positive %):

    #1 Go to , pick out an area that has a positive ratio, for this example, I'll choose this one (+32.7%):

    #2a Go to load up the current odds from the tool above into the individual odds column as shown in my example
    #2b Change the overall stake (see the end of the guide for this part) for this example we're using an overall stake of 100
    #2c click 'show stakes' in the forth row
    #2d Hit 'calculate'

    #3 Ignore all columns except the 'Individual stake' column, this is what we will bet.
    In my example we'll bet:
    13NP on Stuff-A-Roo
    59NP on Scurvy Dan
    16NP on Peg Leg
    13NP on Orvin

    #4 Proof that we will always win: (just do this until you're comfortable that it works )
    We've bet a total of 101NP

    Look at the possible scenarios:
    Stuff-A-Roo wins, we win (13 : ratio) x (bet of 13NP) = 169NP minus original 101 bet = +68NP.
    Scurvy Dan wins, we win 2 x 59 = 118 NP minus original 101 bet = +17NP.
    Peg Leg wins, we win 10 x 16 = 160 NP minus original 101 bet = +59 NP.
    Orvin wins (same math as stuff a roo), = +68NP


    Setting the 'overall stake' in part 2b:
    Set the stake to something a little over the amount of NP you can bet, the amounts shown that you should bet will always be lower than that.
    So in my example, if I could bet only 60 NP per bet on my new account, the overall stake of 100 makes sense, since the max I need to bet is 59NP on Scurvy.

    Hope this all made sense, please leave feedback on any math or understanding problems.
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