I really need the money, otherwise I wouldn't be asking for it x3

If you can't lend me all $80, I'd appreciate if you could at least lend me $30.

I actually need $100 but someone is supposed to pay me back $20 I lent them tomorrow, so I'm just asking for $80.

I have to pay this bill on Saturday, so I need the money before tomorrow at night so I can transfer it to my bank account in time x3

I'd be paying you back within 2 weeks. Probably I'll be able to pay you the next week, but on the worst of the cases I'd be paying you on September 15. If I end up paying you back until then, probably I'd be throwing $5-10 more for the time being x3

Thanks for reading, at least.

Also I can sell you whatever you need. NPs, NeoCash Items, Accounts, whatever.
Or buy my BBoBF or whatever item for $80

Thanks again x3

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An Angel lent me the money, thank you so much<3!