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    [Break n' Enter] Mastering the Neodeck

    Break n' Enter will be a new series of guides, which will focus on various aspects of a neopets account.
    The ultimate goal is for you to master the said topic, so you can easily and efficiently tell if you have something of value when you break and enter into an account.

    Neodeck Frequently Asked Questions
    Where is the neodeck?
    The link to your neodeck can be found on your User Lookup. For reference, here is the link:

    How are neodeck cards arranged?
    They are always arranged according to the card ID, so the order will be the same across all accounts. For a reference, here is a list of all the cards arranged by their ID:

    Can I dump all my neocards into my Inventory, similar to the gallery and shop?
    Despite there being a "Destroy Neodeck" button, which seems to have never worked, you cannot just dump all the cards into your inventory. You have to manually click "remove one" under each card to remove it.

    On which accounts do you usually find the rarer collectable cards?
    From experience, you'll usually find many of the r101 cards on accounts older than seven years. I've even found many on shells, I'm not quite sure as to the origin of the r101 cards, but I'm going to assume they were apart of some giveaway or daily.

    Neodeck Basics
    Looking at the actual card in your inventory and telling it's value is rather easy, compared to looking at it in your neodeck. In your inventory, you can see the color of the card's reverse as well as the rarity, and that is more than enough to tell it's approximate value. Even though it's not helpful since you only see the front in the neodeck, here is the breakdown on the reverse colors.

    The holo/silver cards have two exceptions, being Snow Wars Collectable Card and Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card.

    The cards from blue to purple, carry a very low price tag and I usually don't even bother with them.
    The black cards carry a value of between 50,000-250,000NP, again I don't bother with these so they will not be discussed much in this guide.

    The real money is with the yellow and silver cards. More specifically, the r98-r99 yellow cards and pretty much all the silver cards.

    Getting Familiarized with the Neodeck Rarities
    I will be referring to the cards by their front image, since that's how they appear in the neodeck.

    Neopian Times 200th Anniversary Card (r101)
    The holy grail of the neodeck, is the card "Neopian Times 200th Anniversary Card". It was only given away once, and that was to the users who were published in the 200th Issue of the Neopian Times. It carries a price tag of 50,000,000+. This is a very rare card to come by, so don't get your hopes up. This card will be near the bottom if the user has it in their neodeck.

    The Storyteller (r180)
    Right after the NT 200th, is the card "The Storyteller". It carries a price tag of 25,000,000, but chances are you won't find it on many accounts. It was initially given away to the winners of every 100th Story Telling Competition, but the card is discontinued now and remains in limited quantities. This card will be near the bottom if the user has it in their neodeck.

    The Monocerous (r110)
    The Monoceraptor (r110)
    Alstaf Poogle (r110)

    Arlhox VII (r101)
    Balthazar the Bounty Hunter (r101)
    Brucey B (r101)
    Calabrus the Cloud Aisha (r101)
    Captain Astounding (H) (r101)
    Dr. Flexo (r101)
    Dr. Frank Sloth (r101)
    Electro-Boy (H) (r101)
    Fyora The Faerie Queen (r101)
    Gargon IV (r101)
    Jasper Gen (r101)
    Orig the Great (r101)
    Shreegla VI (r101)
    The Incredible Grarrl (H) (r101)
    The Wall (H) (r101)

    Little Timmy (r100)
    The Hairy Tongue Beast (r100)

    Captain Xelqued (r99)
    Draconus Maximus (r99)
    Duel Bazuka (r99)
    Enchanted Ixi (r99)
    Extreme Herder (r99)
    Gilly the Usul (r99)
    Kauvara (r99)
    Khan the Unstoppable (r99)
    Kyrii Sorceror (r99)
    Lord Darigan (r99)
    Lord Kass Card (r99)
    Marillis Harbane (r99)
    Nocan Vish (r99)
    Professor Kachevski (r99)
    Punchbag Bob (r99)
    Sargug (r99)
    Sergeant Brexis (r99)
    Siona (r99)
    Swamp Ghoul (r99)
    The Incredible Grarrl (r99)
    The Tax Beast (r99)

    Branston the Eyrie (r98)
    Champion (r98)
    Ghoul Catchers (r98)
    Jeran (r98)
    Kalandra (r98)
    Lady Quintara (r98)
    Master Vex (r98)
    Meruth Shylock Usulski (r98)
    Taelia The Snow Faerie (r98)
    Wock Til You Drop (r98)
    Zafara Double Agent (r98)
    Zeirn the Electric Kougra (r98)

    Plaintext List of Valuable Cards
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    Sure, I can do that.

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    I could totally do that.

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