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Thread: pterattack guide and tips

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    Wink pterattack guide and tips


    You play as a green pteri who fights of evil pterodactyls and grarrls. You use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to fire. You need to collect power ups, found by killing the Dactyls to upgrade your weapon. There are 4 types of guns.


    Blue Power up

    Lv 1-small blue beam (default weapon)

    Lv 2-stronger beam with faster reload rate

    Lv 3-stronger beam, even faster reload rate

    Lv 4-strong rapid-fire beam

    Red Power up

    Lv 1-small red fireball

    Lv 2-2 stronger fireballs shooting in a V formation away from you

    Lv 3-3 strong fireballs shooting away in a V formation with an extra fireball in the middle

    Lv 4-3 fire waves (best weapon out there!)

    Green Power up

    Lv 1-three-way shot 9very slow but effective for killing enemies on your sides)

    Lv 2-2 green balls shooting in a V formation away from you

    Lv 3-2 faster green balls shooting in a V formation away from you

    Lv 4-purple beam shooting directly in front of you. This only reaches 1/2 of the screen yet reloads on contact. Very strong but horrible range

    Purple Power up

    Lv 1-1 boomerang slightly to the left. Path is not straight

    Lv 2-2 boomerangs shooting in a V formation away from you

    Lv 3-2 boomerangs with faster rate of fire

    Lv 4-2 huge boomerangs with a fast rate of fire

    Hope this helps people choose their weapons in this new game!


    Brown Dactyls-killed by one shot of any weapon. Appear on all levels

    Green Dactyls-killed by 2 shots of starting weapon and 1 shot of any level 4 weapon. Appear on all levels

    Blue dactyls-killed by 1 of the 3 waves of red powerup before level 6, after Level 6 you need 2 out of 3 waves to kill it. Appear on all levels after lv 4.

    White Dactyls- moves horizontally and diagonally only and gives you no points/power ups. Requires full shot of 3 out of 3 fire waves of lv 4 red power up. Appear on all levels after level 5. Only comes from left side. Note: For some bizarre reason they appear not to hurt you. Still needs more in-depth confirmation. This could be a temporary glitch since when the game first came out they did hurt you.

    Gold Dactyls-these are strong and require a full volley of a lv 4 red power up shot. Avoid them if they come in large groups. They appear everywhere after level 6

    Red Dactyls-These are the most powerful dactyls. They require 5/3 of a lv 4 red power up volley. Avoid them especially if they are in large groups with gold and other red dactyls. Beware their power! Only attack them if there is no other way! They appear after level 7.

    There are seven levels total. Points determine the levels:

    Level 1=0-200 pts

    Level 2=200-300 pts

    Level 3=300-500 pts

    Level 4=500-800 pts

    Level 5=800-1200 pts

    Level 6=1200-1700 pts

    Level 7=1700-until you die from there on


    It is recommended to use the red power up due to its massive forward range. Crowded areas are easy with that weapon. I like to stand lower/mid center but not to close to the bottom as to not be hit by a grarrl. It is also recommended to go up to mid-high portion of the right side so your weapon can recharge faster. Also on later levels be alert as the dactyls will move horizontally and diagonally near the bottom and that could get chaotic. Be alert, shoot and dodge if they are too close or there are too many. In very crowded areas, shoot an opening so you don't have to shoot each dactyl (thus saving a life or 2 for later). Grarrls can be a problem but if you already have a level 4 weapon (preferably red) wait till they get to the top of the screen and start shooting his tail while moving down and then get out of his way at the last minute. If done correctly this could get you 100 (since each hit gives you 10 points). NOTE: do not try this method unless you have a level 4 weapon. Shooting him makes you move up levels quicker thus you don't want to keep doing this and end up at level six with a level 1 weapon. Also whenever you see a power up, avoid it unless it is the same color as he weapon you are using. This is deadly if you pick up a different power up on later levels, it's pretty much game over. It is better to lose a life than pick up a different power up on high levels. If you have a level 4 weapon, don't stop picking up power ups of the SAME color. It gives you an additional 10 points and rapid fire for a short time (this is amazing if you have the red level 4 gun!!!) Every so often you get an extra life. You get your first bonus life at 500, then at 1500, then 3000, then 5000, 7500, 10500 and so on. Up till 5000 I can vouch for, the rest are just predictions based of the pattern I saw. If you are running short on lives and are about to give up, always check your score to see if you are near a life check point! Note: it seems that you don't get any more extra lives after 3000. I still am trying to confirm it but so far I haven't got any extra lives after 3000. This could be a temporary glitch.

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