So I am sure I have a shit ton of problems with my PC, mainly viruses, and I need help, I am not really sure how it got so bad, basically I have both microsoft security essentials, and malwarebytes anti-malware virus protection and whenever I try to use either one to scan my computer to clean it out, in the middle of the scans both say that their files are corrupt and can't finish scanning. Also all of my browsers have problems, firefox crashes every few minutes and even google chrome crashes so I know it is a virus issue. I didn't install either of the virus protections on my computer, a couple years ago I had a tech work on it and he installed them so I don't have the disks to uninstall and reinstall them again which is what both tell me would fix the problem. So my question(s) are is there any way I can fix these without having to pay money for the tech to fix my computer and is there a good free virus scan out there that will actually clean my computer after it scans it, not like those that will scan your computer for free and then say you need to pay for the program in order for it to actually clean the viruses out.