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Thread: How to make your own AB list in under 2 minutes

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    How to make your own AB list in under 2 minutes

    Greetings! I hope you find this guide useful. First of all, you're going to need 2 programs:

    1.- EditPlus. This program is a really useful text editor that I use instead of Notepad. It's going to make things a lot easier later on. You can download it from HERE.

    2.- AutoHotkey. A very useful program for manipulating our keyboard and mouse, among other interesting stuff if you know how to use it (you can even make aimbots with it). Download it from HERE.

    Alright! Once you have installed both of the programs, you're going to start making the list. First of all, you'll need a good item database. Jellyneo has a good one and I'm going to use that one in this guide, yet there are many others that might be better or worst.
    Once you're there, you'll need to make an advanced search to specify what kind of items you'll want in your list.
    Let's say I want to make one for the Kauvara's magic shop, with potions that will give me at least 100k profit. Then I'd set the Category to "Magic Item" from the drop down menu, sort by "price" "descending", Price Range from "100000" to "9999999999", and finally, Number per page to "75".
    Now that you found all the items you want in your list, simply copy all of them (images included, don't worry) and paste into a new text document (open it with EditPlus). You'll end with something similar to this:

    Now comes the annoying part... deleting ALL of the prices and stuff you don't need. Yet that would take too much time, specially with such a high quantity of items the magic shop has. That's why you have the AutoHotkey for.
    Make a new AutoHotkey script by right clicking anywhere, new and then Autohotkey script (if you installed it correctly, it should appear there in the drop down menu).

    Right click on it and select "Edit script". Now you're going to start programming a script to delete all the prices and spaces you don't need. AutoHotkey comes with an archive that explains every function it has, and it isn't very hard to learn. You can find it in the directory where you installed the program (it's called AutoHotkey.chm).
    Write the following (and don't delete anything that's already written in the new script):

    Save it, close it and open it simply by double-clicking on it. Now you can see that the script is open as it minimizes to tray.
    Go to your previous text document and MAKE SURE that the pattern is always the same one (in this case it would be: blank line, 5 item names/prices, then it repeats). It's pretty easy to mess up when copying from the database to the text document between the different pages of 75 items each, maybe you skip a blank line or there are 2 of them together.
    Finally, click at the top line of the document and simply click "a" or whatever key you set to your script.
    Some databases could leave your list of items with 1 space at the right of each of their names. If this happens, just right click anywhere in the document, then go to Format>Trim Trailing Spaces, and that's all.

    And there it is! Now you're only left with the names of the items.
    You can play around with autohotkey and make your own scripts for other databases or whatever you want. Once you get the hang of it, then it gets really fast and easy.

    I hope it helped, and if you have any doubts or questions just ask them!
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