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Thread: Gifting / Purchasing clraik VIP

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    Gifting / Purchasing clraik VIP

    This will be a simple how-to guide on purchasing VIP for this forum. So let's begin.



    If you are trading with VIP membership (purchasing it for another member), I'd recommend you use a middleman. (A list of official middlemen / women can be found here)


    1) Navigate to the VIP purchase page. This page can be accessed from the main index of the forums. For quicker navigation, click here.

    2) Once you are there, you can see your active subscriptions and can choose to renew your VIP membership. (View screenshot for reference)
    Note: You won't see any subscription box when you don't have VIP purchased.

    3) The current payment option accepted for VIP membership is PayPal. PayPal also accepts all major credit cards, and allows you to buy membership without an account.

    4) Once you have selected your desired VIP package, make sure that the box just above the package you selected has your name in it (or the person you're buying for's name) before clicking "Order', which will bring you to the confirmation page.

    5) Once you've confirmed your selection, you will be brought to the PayPal payment page as shown below. Just follow the steps and place your order.

    6) Once you have placed your order with PayPal, you will be redirected back to this site and you (or your buyer) should have VIP membership.

    Voila! You have successfully purchased VIP membership!


    This guide was written in the middle of the night and may contain spelling / grammatical errors. I do apologise for those.

    Thank me if I helped!

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