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Thread: [Mini-Guide] How to play Game Boy Advanced Games on your computer!

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    [Mini-Guide] How to play Game Boy Advanced Games on your computer!

    How to play Game Boy Advanced Gamees on your computer!
    Disclaimer: This is for windows only! Since I do not know anything about Macintosh Computers!

    1. Getting Thy Emulator!

    1. First things first go to: VisualBoyAdvanced brought to you by emulator zone.
    2. Then get Visual Boy Advanced (you could get the others, but this is the most non-glitchy).
    3. Then you need to unzip it using a program such as 7zip.
    4. Then extract the files into a folder.

    2. Get a game!

    Ok now it is time to find a game!

    1. Do this by going to (Only one problem about is that there is inconsistency in if the download still is available).
    2.Now choose a game (this game can be a gameboy color game to!).
    3. Once you have chosen a game click on it. Then click [ Download Now From FileSend Mirror ]. Then go to the bottom and click DOWNLOAD! (not the giant blue circle think).
    4. Ok when it is done downloading go to the place were it downloaded to.
    5. Now unzip the folder into a folder. Once you have done that you are ready for step 3!

    3. Playing the game!

    Now for the step were you actually get to play!

    1. First thing to do is go to the unzipped Vba.
    2. Then run VisualBoyAdvanced.exe and go to "File > Open". Now navigate to were the game is located!
    3. Click on the game's file. (Drum Roll)... You are now playing a GameBoy Advanced/Color game on your computer!
    4. Now you want to configure the buttons go to "Options > Joypad > Configure > 1..." And configure to your liking's.

    4. Saving and Loading the game

    To save a game either do "File > Save Game > #" or do shift f1.
    To Load a game either do "File > Load Game > 1" or do f1

    5. Screen Stuff

    1. Screen filters!

    1.1 First you want to do this "Options > Video > x2"
    1.2 Then to enable one of the screen render "Options > Filter" and choose the one that fits you best!

    2. Fullscreen Mode
    2.1 First your going to want to put on stretch to fit mode by doing "Options > Video > Fullscreen stretch to fit"
    2.2 After that to put on fullscreen mode do "Options > Video > Full screen (640x480)" and do "Options > Video > x2" to leave fullscreen mode

    3. To take a screenshot do f12 the image will save as a png and in the same place as vba is.

    6. Cheats!

    Inside of the Visual boy advanced you will find a place to use cheats! You will be able to use your favorit codebreaker or Gameshark cheats on these games! To input gameshark codes do this:

    1. First go to "Cheats > Cheat list..."
    2. Then Click GameShark and fill in the Description and Code boxes.
    3. Then when your done do ok then ok and to exit out of the cheat list then restart the game for the cheats to take effect.

    If you want to get codes either: Go to or you can use

    7. Capturing sound and movie!

    This is by far my favorite part (except of the fact of gba game on a comp.). I find this the best, for not much things have a built in sound and video recording!

    1. Sound Recording!
    1.1 First "Tools > Record > Start Sound Recording..."
    1.2 Second Choose a filename and click save to start recording. Visual Boy may get some lag, but the sound it's recording wont sound skippy or bad (unless the sound is bad in the first place).
    1.3 To stop do "Tools > Record > Stop Sound Recording..." To edit this sound use a sound editing program such as audicity.

    2. Video Recording!
    2.1 First Go to "Tools > Record > Start AVI Recording..."
    2.2 Then Choose a filename and click save to start recording. Again Visual Boy may get some lag, and Again it won't come out bad and skippy.
    2.3 To Stop recording do "Tools > Record > Stop AVI Recording..." Of course to edit this you will need some video editor like windows movie maker!

    Thank you for reading my guide!
    This guide was made by: W_is_awesome
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