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Thread: [Guide] Attack of the Slorgs

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    [Guide] Attack of the Slorgs

    Attack of the Slorgs
    By: Ninja
    Arrow Keys (left & right): Change direction of your Slorgerizer machine respectively
    Space Bar: Fires the Slorgerizer.

    Slowdown (Green): Slows down all of the slorgs (Goes back to reg. speed after this slorg is destroyed).
    Slorg Block (Blue): Places an immobile slorg directly where you shoot it in the line (No slorgs behind this will be able to move).
    Super Slorgerizer (Brown): Destroy 2 slorgs on either side of where it lands.
    Puddle Water (Gray): Turns all slorgs on the field at time of shooting into the same color, regardless of where it lands in the line (MUST land in the line).
    Multislorg (Red): Adds multiple slorgs to the line (TERRIBLE, avoid using at all costs, just shoot it off to the side).
    Slorg Destruct (Pink): Destroys all slorgs behind where it lands in the line (shoot as close to the front of the line as possible).

    Method 1: Lvl 1 Farming
    1) Type 'marrow' for an extra life after you've started the game.
    2) Shoot off to the side until you have a Slorg Block.
    3) If you get a Slorg Block quickly, allow a few (maybe 6 or so) slorgs to enter the field (it's fine if there are more).
    4) Aim the Slorg Block directly at or right behind the first slorg in the line and shoot. This will cause all slorgs to be stopped, except for the single slorg that was in front.
    5) Now direct your cursor toward the spot where that Crazy Frog will pop up. Shoot here until the frog pops up giving you your bonus points, only pausing when the slorg still moving around crosses your path. You should be able to get 125-150 each time (+25 points per hit, with a maximum of 6 hits).
    6) After you have gotten your Crazy Frog bonus points, you should kill off the slorg nearing your crops (Depending on how close the slorg is to the end, you may have time to do the next step before this one).
    7) Shoot off to the side once more until you have another Slorg Block ready. The faster, the better, as an extended period of time with no slorgs moving, will cause a delay-of-game, which will add about 5 slorgs to the line, and start it moving again.
    8) Keep an eye on your level score (??/30), because once you reach 30 kills, you will enter the next level, so whenever you get to 28/29, and you can't afford to kill another slorg group, let them get to your crops.
    9) Repeat steps 4-9 until you are please with your score.

    1) Super Slorgerizers (brown power-ups) can be used to destroy the slorgs instead of a x3 slorg combo (ex: destroy your single slorg with the Super Slorgerizer to get +2 to your level score instead of +3).
    2) On your last life, when you've reached your maximum bonus payout, and are just a few slorgs away from winning the level, go ahead and win, and see how far you can get, to max your score out.
    3) This method can be used on other levels, but with greater difficulty, as some of the slorg paths can be annoying, and the slorgs move faster.

    Will type up the second method & add pictures soon, but let me know if you like it/ achieve neo greatness with it

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