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Thread: [Guide] How to get 100 Pokecoins for $0.11 USD (requires Samsung device and VPN)

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    [Guide] How to get 100 Pokecoins for $0.11 USD (requires Samsung device and VPN)

    UPDATE: It appears that the 100 Pokecoin purchase will not go through now, but the other tiers of coins are still purchasable. Still a substantial discount over most other currencies but not quite $0.11 USD anymore.

    Not sure how many people this will benefit but I learned this recently and wanted to share Hope at least one person finds it helpful! I have this set up with my old Galaxy S9+. I've had confirmation that it also works on the S23 Ultra. I made 150 in-app purchases over 2 days for 15,000 coins. (screenshot 3 below) My credit card statement looks stupid but I find it worth it!

    By using a VPN to Turkey and Pokemon Go specifically from the Galaxy app store, you can purchase 100 Pokecoins for 2.99 Turkish Lira which at time of posting is about $0.11 USD / $0.15 CAD.

    • Have a Samsung Galaxy device with access to the Galaxy Store.
    • Have a VPN with Turkey as an option. (I used a 7-day trial of Turbo VPN, but any VPN should do. If you grab a trial don't forget to cancel it!).
    • Have a payment method set up on your Samsung account for in-app purchases. I use a credit card, but Paypal is also supported.
    • Remove your SIM card or use a device without a SIM card. Reinserting your SIM card will snap your store location back from Turkey to local.
    • If you have Pokemon Go installed from the Galaxy Store already, uninstall it.

    1. Navigate to the Apps section of your phone settings. Find the Galaxy Store, and under Storage clear all the data and cache.
    2. Use the VPN to set your country to Turkey.
    3. Open the Galaxy Store, Accept the ToS and search for Pokemon Go. The app page should be in Turkish. (see screenshot 1 below)
    4. Install Pokemon Go and sign into your account. Navigating to the store should allow you to make purchases with Turkish currency! (see screenshot 2 below)

    Things I have found:
    • As mentioned above, reinserting your SIM card will revert you back to your local currency. I recommend using an old device if you have one to avoid interruptions with your main phone.
    • As I'm using an old device without a SIM card in it, after initial setup I haven't had to use the VPN to get the Turkish currency. I'll have to see if an update to the game via the store affects this.
    • Setting up fingerprint verification makes it easier than entering your password for every purchase.
    • I've gotten a couple check-ins from my credit card company to verify that the charges are not fraudulent, so be aware of that.

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    Thanks for this information, but I tested today and not working anymore.

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