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Thread: Weird/Creepy/Horror Book Recommendations?

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    If you prefer audio books, I have a plentitude of amazing Creepypastas to recommend.

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    I'm not sure where your tastes go. But I've recently discovered that I like supernatural/creepy horror. So I have a few for you.

    (you need an account to see links) by T. Kingfisher (the pen name of Ursula T. Vernon, of the webcomic Digger fame). What starts as a bit of rural backwood, clearing out a dead relative's old house spooky end up being very creepy when you find out what's making that clattering noise outside the windows at night.

    Her (you need an account to see links), gave me an actual case of the creeps, and I haven't gone back into it yet. But that's because at the time I was dealing with actual bats in my wall and yeah it was hitting too close to home, lol.

    Ursula has a real wit about her writing, and one of the things I like, even from the non-horror, is how practical some of the characters are, or try to be. So you end up with a lot of amusing one-liners or tangents during the story. But I like how believable it makes the characters feel. In any of the things I've read from her, it never really feels too hammy.

    She has another book series out called (you need an account to see links), but I've not read it yet, it's on the to-read pile though. Seems to have a lot more body/fungus horror going on in it though, so it should also be a good read.

    If you want some straight up *horror* though. You can't go wrong with Cassandra Khaw, She has a real talent for Lovecraftian/Asian horror, which is quite an usual combo, but it fits.
    She's written quite a few stories that I enjoy
    The Gods and Monsters series, starting with (you need an account to see links)

    (you need an account to see links) (chapter 1 sample on

    And I'm set to drop everything and read (you need an account to see links) when it comes out, based on the Chapter 1 excerpt I found and have now misplaced.

    One last one, just as a change is (you need an account to see links) by Stephen Jones. A really nice slow-burn cultural horror type novel. It had a lot of moving parts in it, and the author has a bad problem with enjoying shifting point of view, so it was a book to take slowly. But I really enjoyed the way that one built itself up.

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