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Thread: [Guide] Pokémon Go - Avoid Softbans by Calculating Cooldown!

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    Lightbulb [Guide] Pokémon Go - Avoid Softbans by Calculating Cooldown!

    It's relatively common knowledge that years ago when the game first came out you could break a softban by spinning Pokéstops 40+ times. Sadly, in more recent years that is no longer the case, and it's just easier overall to avoid being placed into a situation where you've been softbanned to begin with.

    Through time and research, the spoofing community have discovered that certain actions place you on a small "cooldown" period when you teleport, spoof, or otherwise move from the position you did said action. What this means is during this period, you are unable to participate in other actions that would trigger another cooldown period until it has expired. If you're facing Pokémon that flee after a single Poké Ball has been thrown, Pokéstops giving you a "try again later" error, or you are being kicked from Gyms when attempting to raid or battle, then you are on cooldown.

    The time you need to wait in between actions can be calculated based on the distance you travel or move in between actions:

    Distance Traveled Cooldown Period
    1 km < 1 min
    2 km 1 min
    3 km 2 min
    5 km 3 min
    7 km 5 min
    9 km < 7 min
    10 km 7 min
    12 km 8 min
    18 km 10 min
    26 km 15 min
    42 km 20 min
    65 km 22 min
    76 km 25 min
    81 km 26 min
    100 km 35 min
    220 km 40 min
    250 km 45 min
    350 km 52 min
    375 km 54 min
    460 km 62 min
    500 km 65 min
    565 km 70 min
    700 km 78 min
    800 km 84 min
    900 km 92 min
    1000 km 99 min
    1100 km 107 min
    1200 km 115 min
    1300 km 117 min
    1350 km 2 hours

    So with using the above chart as an example, if you caught a Pokémon at Point A, then spoofed or flew away 100 km to catch another Pokémon, you would need to wait about 35 minutes before you would be able to do so without being locked out of performing another action.

    The following actions WILL trigger a cooldown:

    • Catching a wild Pokémon
    • Dropping a Poké Ball on the encounter screen
    • A wild Pokémon fleeing from battle
    • Feeding a wild Pokémon a berry
    • Using a Gotcha or Virtual Go Plus to spin Pokéstops or catch Pokémon
    • Spinning Pokéstops
    • Placing a Pokémon in a gym
    • Feeding treats to a Pokémon defending a gym (While within range of the gym. Remote feeding does not have this effect.)
    • Battling in Gyms

    The following actions WILL NOT trigger a cooldown:

    • Teleporting/Spoofing to another location
    • Walking/Autowalking
    • Encountering wild Pokémon
    • Remote feeding Pokémon defending a gym
    • Obtaining a Raid Pass from a gym with an active raid
    • Using a Lure on a Pokéstop
    • Claiming weekly rewards (Adventure Sync, Research Breakthrough, etc)
    • Catching reward Pokémon from quests and research
    • Sending gifts to friends
    • Opening gifts from friends
    • Transferring Pokémon
    • Transferring Pokémon to Pokémon Home or to LGPE
    • Trading Pokémon
    • Powering Up a Pokémon
    • Evolving Pokémon
    • Taking Snapshots of a Pokémon
    • Photobomb Encounters
    • Swapping your buddy
    • Feeding your buddy
    • Playing with your buddy
    • Gaining buddy candies
    • Using items on a Pokémon (Potions, evolution items, rare candies, TMs, etc)
    • Using Lucky Eggs, Incense or Star Pieces
    • Discarding items from your bag
    • PvP (Player vs. Player) battles
    • Team Rocket Battles
    • Team Leader Battles
    • Using the shop to purchase Coins or other premium items

    By knowing what actions cause cooldown and for how long, you are more easily able to avoid being softbanned and ultimately, locking yourself out of playing the game. Some people use the above rules to "snipe" Shiny Pokémon, 100% IV Pokémon, or other desirable specimens by teleporting or spoofing to their target and waiting on the encounter screen for their cooldown to expire before attempting to make the catch.

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