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Thread: ACNH September Events

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    ACNH September Events

    Hi Everyone!
    Right now it’s September 1st and Green Day has officially gone into hibernation for the month. Be sure to set your alarms October 1st when they’d like to be woken up.

    Here’s what’s happening on the island this month, brought to you by a bunch of places!

    Grape Harvest Festival
    Timeframe: September 1st – 30th
    During this time, you’ll be able to purchase the Grape-Harvest Basket for only 800 bells!

    Moon-Viewing Day

    Timeframe: September 12th – 21st
    Come celebrate the Japanese Tsukimi holiday where we honour the autumn moon! Here are some items you can purchase to show your love for our midnight sun:

    Timeframe: September 12th – 21st
    You think Europe is the only one celebrating a harvest? Heck no. Chuseok is a new seasonal event celebrating the Korean Harvest Festival holiday. During this time, you can purchase the *queue Justin Bieber’s Yummy yummy* Songpyeon!

    Bug-Off 2021! [Northern Hemisphere]
    Like bugs? Doesn’t matter because Flick does – and here’s here to collect all your captured creatures and critters.
    Timeframe: September 25th 9AM-6PM
    Should you choose to accept this challenge, you’ll have 3 minutes to catch as many bugs as you can. You get 1 point per bug, and a bonus 2 points if you catch at least 3 bugs during your timer.
    But like, what do you do with these points? You can exchange them for exclusive Bug-Off items!

    Bugs, Fish & Sea Creatures!
    Here’s a list of all the little creepers available to you during September. If you haven’t yet collected these for your museum, YOUR TIME IS NOW. =)

    • Bell Cricket
    • Centipede
    • Common Butterfly
    • Cricket
    • Monarch Butterfly
    • Pill Bug
    • Red Dragonfly
    • Violin Beetle
    • Yellow Butterfly

    • Blue Marlin
    • Char
    • Cherry Salmon
    • Golden Trout
    • King Salmon
    • Mitten Crab
    • Pike
    • Salmon
    • Sturgeon

    Sea Creatures

    • Oyster
    • Sweet Shrimp

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