It's been a while since I've actually played Neopets I can see quite a lot has changed more so regarding the general layout of the site. I'm looking to get back into programming again for Neopets though I'm looking for dailies or sections of the site where you can gain items/Neopoints for free, or receive an ROI without much effort. Mainly for all account age(s) that way it's not restricted to older accounts (ie. food club).

I'm looking to log everything gained to JSON files under each account I feel like this format is easier to track/parse at any time rather than regular text files. I currently only have the program designed to complete 4 daily tasks as it's been a while and I'm not too sure which dailies/sections of the site are worth automating for a profit these days.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, feel free to PM me directly, or post a message here regarding which dailies/sections of the site would either give you ROI or free items/Neopoints without needing to spend any Neopoints in the first place.

The logged output after each task is run will be updated within a JSON file rather than console output as the goal of this program is to allow it to run on a server/computer without any human input while keeping it as safe as possible. An example of the logged output can be found below:

If Neopoints can be earned the amount gained will be logged, the same goes for items. The program will work based on the last time the task was run according to the logged timestamp set for each task. To avoid attempting to run the same task multiple times a timestamp is logged then compared against the current timestamp. This way, let's say Trudy's surprise can only be run every 24 hours, we log the timestamp just as we finished playing Trudy's surprise. Before the program attempts this task again it'll compare the logged timestamp with the current timestamp if 86400 seconds (24 hours) hasn't yet passed the program will skip this task until it's been over 24 hours since the task was run last.

Ideally, the timestamps alone can help improve the human aspect of this program. Each task includes humanised delays according to what needs to happen. For example, you can't beat a stage on ghoul catchers within less than a second, so why would a program be able to do that?

If I can get enough tasks into this program, I'd definitely release it to the community after it undergoes what I call the 3/3 trial phase which consists of running it on a server for 3 months without any breaks, then leaving each account to sit for an additional 3 months. If it passes that trial phase without anything happening to any of the accounts I'd then say it'd be safe to release to the public.

Again, if you have suggestions about which tasks (dailies, or sections of the site) should be included which fall under the whole costs nothing to complete, or offers a decent ROI while costing something initially, please PM me or post here with the suggestion. I'm open to all suggestions regardless of what's involved, or how little gain you receive. I mean, I've included Shop of Offers which only gives you 50 - 100 Neopoints a day. So it's safe to say I'm open to anything and everything.