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Thread: Suggestion for another gender option or the ability to leave it blank!

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    Smile Suggestion for another gender option or the ability to leave it blank!

    As someone who has a non-binary partner, and someone who's still in the process of questioning/discovering my own gender I think more gender options for the forum would be great! (I thought I was trans, but gender is a spectrum and I'm somewhere on the male end of it even though that does not feel completely right either. IT'S TOUGH Y'ALL and I'm not having a fun time figuring it out. )

    Perhaps an option to write your own gender could be implemented? Though I know that can be abused by some. (I'm having flashbacks to the attack helicopter stuff)

    Another option would be "Other" like Neopets, or the ability to leave it blank. Or a red X or ? where gender goes. (not even kidding!)

    The profile currently gives me an error if I try to update my settings with a blank gender.

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