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Thread: Pokemon Snap release date!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Android View Post
    Oh wow, I didn't know it already released. I have a quick question, albeit a bit silly - is there a lot of spinning/rocking or really sensitive motion controls? I have really bad motion sickness and if I constantly have to swivel the camera or go in circles I'll end up feeling ill and a nasty headache
    oh man, i get bad simulation sickness, too. i've been taking little breaks between outings ingame and i haven't had an issue yet! i usually get it set off bad by games like minecraft and first person shooters, and while this is played in first-person, you're on rails traveling at a very slow pace. you can adjust the speed of both the camera and the pointer, and moving both the same direction can be used to move it even faster, so you can take it nice and slow if you like. levels also play out the same every run more or less, though some deviate on different set paths -- i am not quite sure if that's player controlled or not because i've only done it once, however.

    because the levels are predictable, altered only (mostly?) by your actions (such as playing a song for pokemon, throwing an apple, etc), you can totally go through it focusing on one side of your cart per run to minimize how much movement you need to do with the camera. you'll want to follow the pokemon you're snapping with the pointer, of course, but otherwise you totally could just pick a direction and stay pointed in it to snap whatever you see.

    if you can't spin at all, this is definitely not a game you can play, though, but it sounds like you're more worried about an excess of it, yeah? in which case if we're in the same boat, you should be fine!

    i'm actually handling it fine with my pointer and camera both set to 6 out of 10 (default is 3) and motion enabled -- the motion control in handheld is super responsive and natural feeling, and doesn't trigger that sense of moving but not moving that causes most of my motion sickness issues, but if the cause of the sickness is different for you (i think it's probably an issue with my autism, but i don't actually know for sure) then your mileage may vary.

    i guess this was a lot of words to say:
    the game requires looking around but it has a good selection of settings to control how quickly you do so and if you use motion controls at all!

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