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the roomba can be tricky, as mine likes to eat cords (laptop charger, ps4 controller charger...) but usually if you can keep the floor clear of little things like that, its fine! i've also rigged mine with weather stripping to help it not get scuffed and scratched up while doing it's thing. it also helps keep my roomba from going under things and getting stuck due to the increased height.

yeah, but i feel like "roomba proofing" is good housekeeping anyway lol
less clutter and such on the floor.

i make my bed daily, so i usually don't have to worry about sheets or blankets being in it's way. i've more had issues with keeping my floors cord free
That's a good point. Roomba proofing actually motivates you to clean up your house better.
As for the cords, what I did to make it more "cord free" is by tying up the cords and put it into a cord manager. It helps