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    Sewage Surfer Gold Trophy Guide

    Rylai's Mega Sewage Surfer Gold Trophy Guide


    • Sewage surfer is a non-flash puzzle game that works on the basis of page refreshes. The objective of the game is simple: You have to connect the source (the half-pipe with the green arrow) to the drain (the half-pipe without the green arrow). You need to ensure that your pipes are fully connected to each other properly with no gaps. Extra junk pieces in the gameplay area are okay as long as they're unconnected to your pipe system. It's pretty intuitive how they connect. Here are the different types of pipes that you will get during the gameplay (image credit to JellyNeo):

    "Straights": (L-R) Horizontal straight, vertical straight

    "Corners": (L-R) Top right corner, top left corner, bottom left corner, bottom right corner

    "T junctions": (L-R) Right T junction, left T junction, up T junction, down T junction

    "End pieces": (L-R) Top end piece, left end piece, right end piece, bottom end piece (Note: The end pieces stop the pipe flow at where they're connected and is considered as closing the system at that area.)

    Why this guide if there're already existing guides out there?

    • In constructing my guide, I referred to JellyNeo's Sewage Surfer Guide, as well as htamale's Sewage Surfer guide (published in Issue 404 of The Neopian Times). Both of these guides were useful, but also had their limitations. JellyNeo's guide is useful because it gives you pictures of their solutions. But I found that when I followed JellyNeo's guide, I was not able to get Gold Trophy Score, even at the start of the month, as some of the proposed solutions either took too many tries to get, or did not yield enough points. JellyNeo's guide also does not disclose how many points the solution gives you. While htamale's guide is useful for the general strategy, its limitation is that it does not have actual pictures of the solution.
    • My guide will provide you with what I think is the best strategy for solving each level, based on number of restarts taken and points given. I will also provide pictures of my solutions for your reference. Where the solutions are not so straightforward and there's different ways of solving the puzzle, I provided more than one example of how to solve it.
    • For my solutions, I edited out the junk pieces so that you can see the solutions better. Instead, I have disclosed the number of junk pieces I used next to the level score. Where I did not state the number of junk pieces, it's because I got the solution within the designated number of discards and did not have to place any junk pieces.
    • Please note that there is an element of luck involved, due to the randomness in the pieces that you could get, especially on the higher levels. However, the solutions provided here, which are tested through multiple playthroughs, are intended to maximize your chances of getting a Gold Trophy. For those who are simply unable to defeat the machine of chance, you could also check out Bat's Sewage Surfer (you need an account to see links) (available for clraik+ rank).

    Explanation of Gameplay for Beginners:
    (Feel free to skip this section if you are familiar with Sewage Surfer)


    • Remember that the more pieces of sewage pipe in your connected sewage system, the more points you will score. (This does not include junk pieces not connected to your sewage system, which will instead decrease your score.)
    • If your game is not refreshing properly, do not place any new pieces in the game box and certainly do not begin to discard any pieces! This may cause you to unintentionally discard a piece you need, or to place a piece wrongly on the game space. Instead, to safely refresh, please click "Back to the Sewage Surfer introduction page", and then, "Play Sewage Surfer".
    • Make sure that you only play Sewage Surfer when you are in the right frame of mind. If you're feeling frustrated or impatient, there is a higher tendency of making careless mistakes. From personal experience, this just sends me into a negative spiral because I make more and more mistakes and get more and more frustrated. So please stop and take a break when you feel yourself getting frustrated or making careless mistakes.
    • There will be times when you are out of moves when the very next piece is the level-winning solution. There will be times when you will want to scream. There will be times when you will actually scream. But ultimately, remember that completing Sewage Surfer is the ultimate lesson in character building and you will emerge a stronger person after this ordeal. As Kelly Clarkson says, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Level solutions:

    Level 1: The max (and only) solution is below.

    Level 2: The max (and only) solution is below. Most of the time, you will be able to get the max solution within your discards.

    Level 3: The max solution is below. You will use 100% of the space; however, I have never had an issue with getting the max solution on the first try.

    Level 4: The max solution is below. Unfortunately, there is a chance that you may not get the max solution within your discards. If you're REALLY unlucky, it might be more worth it to simply restart the level and hope for a perfect solution. But in the grand scheme of things, 80 points is really not a lot as some levels give you more than 1000 points, so don't sweat it and certainly do not quit the game if you cannot get a perfect solution!

    Level 5: My solution is below. Technically, you could possibly get extra points by throwing in a loop on the bottom left corner, but the problem with this is that it requires 3 horizontal pieces. I restarted the level 17 times and I have never gotten more than 2 horizontal pieces. That's why I propose the solution below.

    Level 6: This is the max solution. I got it easily on my first try. But don't sweat it too much if you have to use a couple of junk pieces as 87 points is really little compared to what you get for the later levels.

    Level 7: The max solution is below. Generally, I usually get it within my allocated number of discards. There was only once when I had to use an extra junk piece. So it's likely you will not have a problem with this level.

    Level 8: The max solution is below. You will probably be able to get it by using a couple of junk pieces (so your score might be less than 175). You really want to keep track of the pieces you need this level, as it can be very detrimental to your game if you accidentally discard a crucial piece. I found that the challenge this level was to get the correct corner pieces. I've also included an alternate solution (from JellyNeo). Unfortunately, this only grants you 121 points, but you would only need 4 corner pieces using the JellyNeo solution (instead of 6 corner pieces if you are trying for the max solution).

    Level 9: The max solution is below. Generally, you should not have a problem with getting this on the first try (you may have to use a couple of junk pieces) if you are diligent about keeping track of the pieces you need. For reference, you get 187 with 2 junk pieces, 176 points with 3 junk pieces and 165 points with 4 junk pieces, which is not too bad at all.

    Level 10: This level has given me a lot of grief in the past when I was trying to follow JellyNeo's solution. Unless I'm dumb or incredibly unlucky, I have never gotten the perfect solution (i.e. completion of all 4 corners) within 20 discards. I find that I tend to get way too many corner pieces and way too few straights. Bear in mind that if you go for the perfect solution you will have zero room for error (i.e. no extra space for junk pieces). For this reason, I recommend the following solution, which excludes one of the corners. You can choose which corner to exclude depending on which corner pieces and T junctions you get. It is of paramount importance that you keep track of the pieces you need this level so as not to accidentally discard a piece you need. When using this solution, I usually get it within 3 restarts or less.

    For completion, I have also included the JellyNeo solution, which will give you the max level points, if you are feeling lucky. Again, I cannot recommend this because of the high risk taken for a very low differential in points. For science, I tried out this solution but I took 19 restarts to get it (Which basically wipes out all the points I earned from all the previous levels!!!).

    Level 11: This level really depends on the pieces you get. Thankfully, you have the end pieces to help you if you don't get corner pieces or T junctions to continue the loop. I provided some sample solutions to help you see the different ways of solving this problem depending on the pieces you get. It's not really worth the risk of restarting to get a super elaborate solution, I feel, because this is a relatively low scoring level.

    Level 12: The JellyNeo solution is possibly one of the highest scoring solutions. However, it leaves very little room for error. I had to restart 6 times before getting the JellyNeo solution, so I added a few lower risk solutions that you may wish to try as well. Whichever solution you're using, make sure to keep track of the pieces religiously and put the pieces in the correct places (count the grids properly before clicking).

    The alternate solutions still score a significant number of points. Basically, just cut out a few of the loops and replace them with straights if you're getting a lot of the same corner pieces and very lacking in others. The more loops you cut out and replace with straights, the more space to dump junk pieces, (and the fewer points you will get).

    Level 13: This level is pretty difficult, but it scores a huge number of points. It's the first level where you can score 1000+ points. In my entire life, I have never been able to get a solution which utilizes all of the preplaced pieces (again, I might also just be dumb or extremely unlucky). But I have a pretty good chance of getting all but one or two of the preplaced pieces. You might have to take a few restarts, but don't be too demoralized. In my opinion, this is the hardest level of the entire game.

    This level is very dependent on the pieces that you get. You will need to use corner pieces or T junctions to connect the pre-placed pieces together. If you are "skipping" some pre-placed pieces, you will likely need straight pieces and end pieces. I typically start by connecting the perimeter and putting end pieces as necessary, then work my way towards the middle, using corner pieces or T junctions depending on what I get. If you find that you keep getting pieces that you don't need, you may want to reduce the number of preplaced pieces that you're connecting. You should still be able to achieve a high score if you leave out two or three pre-placed pieces. If you find that you can't use most of the pre-placed pieces, you should consider restarting to maximise your points. Here're a few of my solutions. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to get a high score using 3 restarts.

    Level 14: A very small sewer with only one solution. What a relief, after the previous level that required so much brainpower! It's quite luck dependent as there is only one solution, but you should be get it in your first or second try.

    Level 15: There is only one solution to this level. You will not get the pieces to join the huge loop together, so don't bother trying.

    Level 16: There is supposedly only one solution to this level.

    Level 17: This level is very dependent on the pieces that you get. You could probably get around 300-400 points if you come up with a very good solution, but the problem is that you don't get that many discards or space to put your junk pieces. So I would recommend just getting it done as quickly as you can depending on the pieces that you get, to avoid having to restart as this level is not worth that many points.

    Level 18: This is pretty straightforward. You have to use either the top or the bottom T-junction. Here're my solutions.

    Level 19: Start by placing your vertical pieces in the narrow middle column, and making some loops on the left and right columns. If you find that you're running out of discards and you are severely lacking in some pieces, cut out some loops and replace them with straights.

    Level 20: JellyNeo solution works fine for this one. It took me 2 restarts to get. If you are lacking in vertical straights, you can replace the two adjacent vertical straights near the bottom with a left and right T junction facing each other. You can also attach a right T junction, with a top right corner piece, with a up T junction to get a small loop. I added an alternative in case you get a lot of straight pieces (got it in my first attempt).

    Level 21: The nice thing about this level is that you get 20 discards. The bad thing about it is, if you go for the max score solution, it might not even be enough if you're unlucky, as you don't get any space to dump junk pieces. This is the max score solution. In my various attempts, I always got it within 3 restarts or less.

    Level 22: The JellyNeo solution doesn't nearly give you enough points for this level. It's pretty easy to get a good solution on the first try as you get a decent number of discards and a lot of space for junk pieces. Here's my recommended solution.

    Level 23: To get a high score, it is of paramount importance that you complete the entire circuit. It's definitely worth it even if it takes a few restarts. While it may seem daunting, you should get a run where you get enough of the correct pieces to complete the circuit within your first few tries. Below is the max points solution, which I usually get on my first try.

    Level 24: To get a high score, you need to complete all 4 loops. Again, it's worth restarting a few times to get the max solution. As always, keep track of the pieces that you need so as not to tear your hair out when you accidentally discard the game-winning piece. I got the max score solution below on my 3rd restart. You can also choose to omit one of the loops, which will give you fewer points, as in my alternate solution.

    Level 25: I would recommend trying for at least 3 loops if you want a (relatively) high score. You can get up to 1000 points if you complete all 4 loops, but I personally found it quite difficult to do so because of the lack of straights and the limited space to put junk pieces. As straight pieces tend to be hard to come by during this level, so you should consider adding loops whenever you can (examples provided in the solution below). To make a dead end, connect a T junction to 3 corner pieces as you are not provided with any end pieces this level. I recommend the first solution as it's not too ambitious but still gives a decent number of points.

    Level 26: Complete loops around the 2 blocks to get a high score. Use corner pieces or T junctions to connect the loops together depending on what you get. I got it using 2 restarts.

    Level 27: Try combining all 4 preplaced pieces in your solution to score more points. If you have a lot of straight pieces and very few corner pieces or T junctions, you may also exclude one of the pre-placed pieces (but instead, make a loop around it or something). I added a few different solutions for you to see the different strategies of how to incorporate the preplaced pieces depending on what kind of pieces you get. I could generally connect everything within a few restarts.

    Level 28: You want to make loops around all the blocks for the maximum number of points. Very worth it to restart to get the perfect solution. You also get 4 spaces for junk pieces, which is pretty helpful on top of your discards. I got it on my first try. For science, I also tried excluding one of the columns to see how many points I get in the alternate solution.

    Level 29: You would want to make a loop around the top left block for some extra points. If you don't get lucky with the corner pieces, you can cut out a few of the loops and replace them with straights. It's not really worth it to restart this level too many times as it does not yield that many points. I added two alternatives depending on the pieces you get.

    Level 30: You want to try to make as many loops as possible using all the spaces available to maximize your points. You might have to restart a few times to get a good score, but you'll get there eventually. This level, I found that the straight pieces tend to be quite rare, so I would suggest putting the few straight pieces you find in areas where they HAVE to go (i.e. the narrow column at the left and right of the puzzle), as you can substitute straights elsewhere with T junctions and loops. I got the following with 2 restarts (and I got the alternate solution in the first try).

    Level 31: I would suggest trying to pair up the left and right T junctions, and the up and down T junctions, to score a maximum number of points. Unfortunately, there will be some times where you just keep getting lots of loops and end pieces. I've provided some sample solutions with the number of points to give you an idea of how to solve this level.

    Level 32: The ideal solution would be to connect everything together using vertical pieces down both sides. But for some reason, I always tend to get very unlucky with getting the requisite number of vertical pieces. For this reason, I think it's more feasible to only connect the verticals down one side, as below. I did the following in 4 restarts (not too bad as the level points are very high). I also included an alternate solution which uses up more horizontal T junctions.

    Level 33: Pretty easy level, problem is that you get too many vertical straights. You can try to create extra loops like in the solutions below.

    Level 34: Pretty easy level! Got it on the first try. If you get a lot of T junctions, you can connect the last preplaced piece in the middle that I didn't manage to connect my first game (I used corner pieces to skip past it in my first one because I had an abundance of those my game). The alternate solution shows you when it's all connected. Unfortunately I had a lot of junk pieces that game so it actually scored less.

    Level 35: You want to create as many loops as possible. Go as deep as possible into the various gaps for some extra points. Overall it's one of the easier levels as you get a variety of pieces!

    Level 36: Try to use the extra space around the perimeter to make some loops. Beware: This level does not give vertical pieces, so you need to use T junctions and corner pieces to substitute. Cut out some loops if you find yourself getting stuck too many times. Generally doable within the first attempt, just don't be overly ambitious especially if you don't have great pieces.

    Level 37: The max point solution is below. Pretty easy, should not take you more than 1 or 2 tries. Plenty of space to dump junk pieces too.

    Level 38: I would recommend not being too ambitious with this level as you get way too many straight pieces to be able to easily connect all of the preplaced pieces. I would recommend leaving one out to avoid having to restart so many times but also have a decent number of points, as below:

    Level 39: A very short and simple level. I don't think you get any T junctions this level, so there should only be the following 2 solutions.

    Level 40: It's another super high scoring level! Definitely worth it to restart if you don't get a high scoring solution. You want to connect all of the preplaced pieces. I got the following with 2 restarts. Consider using T junctions and corner pieces in place of straight pieces if the game does not give you many straight pieces.

    Level 41: A relatively simple level! You can definitely try to score more points by connecting more corner pieces and T junctions in the area in the middle, at your own risk. There are no end pieces or straight pieces this level, so plan your route wisely!

    Level 42: This level seems deceptively easy, but it's actually really difficult because you only get 5 discards, and on top of that you only have T junctions, straights, and end pieces (no corner pieces). I've added a couple of my tries so you can see the score variance.

    Level 43: JellyNeo's solution works great here. You might take a while to get it but it's worth it because you can get around 2000 points this level. Super luck dependent. The first time I did it, I had to restart 11 times. The second time I did it, I got it on my first try. But even if you restart 11 times, that's still a net ~1500 points.

    Level 44: Try to fill up as much space as possible. My strategy is to try and pair the up and down T junctions together, and try to pair the left and right T junctions together. Use corner pieces for well, the corners. I follow htamale's advice and leave one column-wide gap at the extreme right in case I need to dump junk pieces. You should be able to get this one pretty easily. I got it my first try! I also included a slightly easier alternative.

    Level 45: There is only one solution for this level because you only get corner pieces and straights, on top of the preplaced T junctions. Nothing much else to say here except good luck! (For reference, I had to restart once to get it.)

    Level 46: Ignore the preplaced pieces and make loops around them for more points, but be aware that you do not get any vertical pieces this level. You can use my solution as a guide, I got it on my first try after I figured out the strategy.

    Level 47: You want to connect as many of the preplaced pieces as possible to get a good score. You get a rather large number of discards this level and plenty of flexibility as a variety of pieces are given. If you find yourself running out of discards, you may want to reroute your pipes to use less of the preplaced pieces, for example by prematurely ending a route with an end piece. I got the 1775 score with 3 restarts. I also included an alternative with fewer points, but I think it's more worth it to aim for the high score.

    Level 48: You only get T junctions, corner pieces, and end pieces this level, so it can be pretty challenging to get a very elaborate solution. I added two solutions below for reference.

    Level 49: The only pieces you get are left and right T junctions and bottom right and top left corner pieces. I propose making a few diagonal loops across the space because you get so many corner pieces. In my solutions below, I opted for a lower risk yet still pretty high yielding strategy. If you want more points, you can add on to a few of the loops by replacing the end pieces with corner pieces.

    Level 50: This is the final level, and also another level that yields a lot of points. It's the only level where you get zero discards. I typically only complete 3 loops so that I have enough place to dump junk pieces that I don't need (since you don't get any discards). Here're my sample solutions!

    Final Words:

    • Note at Level 50: If you need the avatar, you can click "Start Flow!" on level 50 to add some points to your final. And then you can click "Quit Game" instead of "Go To Next Sewer" to get the avatar. Your score should still be sent to the high score table, but you won't get any Neopoints. If you don't want to risk it or if you already have the avatar, feel free to click "Go To Next Sewer".
    • Congratulations! You are finally done with Sewage Surfer. If you followed the guide with an average amount of luck, you should probably have enough points for a gold trophy. Before sending your score for the last level, I suggest that you check the High Scores Table to see if you qualify for a gold trophy score. If not, wait till next month before sending your score. Or you could always redo the entire game. LOL.
    • Bonus: For science, I've also calculated the number of times you can restart to get 30000 points (estimated safe score for gold trophy at the start of the month). I calculated two different scores, one is "max score" which is the sum of points from my highest yielding solution each level, and "min score" which is the sum of points from my lowest yielding solution each level. If using the max score solutions, you can restart ~160 times and still get 30000 points. If using the min score solutions, you can restart ~87 times and still get 30000 points. My calculations are in spoiler tags below, for those who are curious.
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    Thanks for this guide! I recently finally got the Gold Trophy for this.

    This game gets incredibly frustrating when you just get a loop of bad pipes, restart the level and immediately find the pipes you needed before. Level 10 is also the big junction point for me, if you get there without having to reset, opt for the easier path by chopping out a corner (or even two if your draws are super unlucky). It's better to reduce your score slightly on this one level and gain lots more later than restarting it over and over and over and losing all your points trying to gain an extra 100ish points. It's not worth it.

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