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Thread: [GUIDE] iTrader - Rating traders on clraik

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    [GUIDE] iTrader - Rating traders on clraik

    What is iTrader?
    iTrader is clraik's built-in tool for rating sellers or buyers that you transact with on clraik. It allows us to keep our community safe with crowdsourced reviews.

    iTrader allows you to give positive, neutral, or negative feedback to the person you transact with, as well as short comment indicative of your experience. Remember, according to the (you need an account to see links), iTrader feedback must be left when the trade or sale is mutually complete, not before or during the transaction.

    For example:

    If you are a buyer or trader, even if you are satisfied with the product in the immediate aftermath of the trade deal, it is worth waiting at least one week and up to one month to leave feedback, in order to allow time to ensure that nothing unexpected happens with your purchase.

    If you are seller, it would be appropriate to leave feedback within 24 hours of a successfully cleared payment; however, you are certainly welcome to wait until your buyer has left their feedback.

    How to View a Trader's Feedback
    To review all of the feedback that a trader has received, view their profile, then click on the "Feedback Score" tab.

    On this tab, you are able to see how many reviews (positive, neutral, and negative) that a trader has received over the last year. If you'd like to see more details, click the "View Complete Feedbacks" link.

    How to Submit Feedback for a Trade
    To submit iTrader feedback for a user, navigate to the post where you solicited your trade. At the bottom of the post, click the "Leave Feedback" button.

    Note that this button appears on each post in the [GROUP] trading threads, and on the first post only in individual threads. Once you select that button, you will be taken to the iTrader Feedback form.

    If you are a seller and the person contacted you in a way other than posting on clraik (for example, via PM), you can leave feedback for them by clicking the "Leave Feedback" button on your own post and specifying their username in the field that appears.

    To complete this form:

    1. Select whether you were the buyer, the seller, or if this was a trade.

    2. Select whether you had a positive, neutral, or negative experience.

    Please see below for examples of P/N/N scenarios.

    3. Enter a short comment regarding your experience with the trader.

    This can be seen by every person who views the Feedback Score tab on their profile.

    4. Enter any additional comments you would like to make about this trade.

    This comment will only be viewable by the buyer, seller, and staff.

    • For a pleasant experience, feel free to make a comment such as "Thank you!" or "Please contact me if you have any questions about your purchase."

    • If you're leaving negative or neutral feedback, use this field to indicate why you are rating them that way and what could have been done to improve the sale/trade experience. This allows your trading partner to receive constructive and actionable feedback and gives our staff the ability to track any general woes that buyers, sellers, and traders may experience while conducting business in our marketplace.

    Here are some example scenarios for when you could choose to submit Positive, Neutral, and Negative feedback for a user. Keep in mind that your personal experiences should be rated at your discretion.

    Example scenario for Positive feedback

    Example scenario for Neutral feedback

    Example scenario for Negative feedback

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