I am not sure if this would be of any use to any developers. But I thought I'd share an old project of mine that I wrote awhile back:


What is this written in?
It is written in Java and utilizes the Pcap4j. You will need WinPcap or Npcp on Windows, or libpcp if you are on a *nix based system (ie. Linux distro or Mac).

What is this?
This is a packet sniffer for a defunct MMO known as SD Gundam Online. Here is a video of the gameplay:

What is a packet sniffer?
A packet sniffer is used for capturing the packets for something. In this case, it is used for capturing packets for SD Gundam Online. The purpose of this sniffer was intended to capture packets from a live server so you can emulate the game (in other words, make a private server of it).

Why is this incomplete?
It is incomplete for various reasons. One of the main reason being is that all the live servers were taken down. I was originally sniffing packets from a Chinese private server. I am unsure if there any private servers remaining. But if there are, chances are that the packets can be sniffed.

What is this useful for at this state?
It can be helpful for people who want to learn about networking or if someone wants to continue this project if they find an SD Gundam Online server. Or this sniffer can even be repurposed for another game.