I have no idea if this would be worth jack diddly squat, but considering I don't care about FV much anymore since the initial hype had died down, I figured I'd see if my account was worth...anything?

<20000 ID 5-digit, beta account, Real Word
These weapons (Apparently legacy weapons are collectable or something?)
I just logged on, so I went ahead and collected every active redeemable (there are a handful of unopened gift boxes and such because of it)
A paintie ticket
A few villagers with painties applied (I have to remove two due to being personal OCs, one of which I don't even own anymore but what can you do)
10 villagers total, 6 of which are also 5-digit, the rest 6-digit

Pretty bare otherwise (like 100FD and 800FC lol), so could make for a decent shell if that's what you're into.

If anyone's willing to buy, go ahead and PM me an offer. I'm open for anything. If not, but you're knowledgeable in what price I should even be looking for with this, please reply in thread for transparency for any willing buyers to consider! Thanks so much.