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Thread: [Python] Neopets Multi Tool (Discontinued) Source Code

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    [Python] Neopets Multi Tool (Discontinued) Source Code

    I've decided to release the source code for my previous neopets multi tool project as I doubt I'll be finishing this anytime soon. There's no motivation to finish this anymore.

    This is coded in python 3.7, this could be ported to a lower version. The code is messy, as this was the draft version/POC. If I had motivation to finish this it would have been converted with Cython then converted into an exe with pyinstaller, hence the clraik authorization in the code.

    This is missing a ton of other functions I previously had the old source for that was lost when I reformatted my PC a few months ago. This code includes:

    - SW Sniper (POC)
    - SSW Sniper (Finished)
    - Double or nothing AP (Finished)
    - Kiss the mortog AP (Finished)
    - Dice a roo AP (Finished, needs a check to not error out)
    - Trudy surprise AP (Works, though its not recommended to use as it's unsafe)
    - SDB depositor (Finished, messy, needs an update)
    - neo poker AP (Needs more checks, works, missing important requests. not recommended to use)

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