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Thread: [GUIDE] +Rep and Thanks

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    [GUIDE] +Rep and Thanks

    The currency of good will and favor in our forum is +rep and thanks. Both can be used as a means of showing gratitude for a person's contributions. Your +rep points and thanks total indicate that you're an upstanding member of our community, but what exactly are they, when should you give them to others, and what can you do to earn some for yourself?

    Rep, +rep or reputation are points awarded to you by other members for exceptionally helpful or pleasing contributions. These points should be given whenever you've provided a useful guide, program or script, but can also be given if you've offered significant assistance or support to another person. The amount of points that a member can give depends on their own +rep, and can be a number between 1 and the specified maximum.

    If you'd like to give someone +rep, press the badge button in the lower left-hand corner of their post (as seen below).

    Specify the amount of points that you'd like to give, leave a description for why you're repping, then press "Add to Reputation". The person you've repped will receive a notification displaying your gratitude, as well as a boost in their status. Your gift of +rep can help someone achieve higher ranks in our community, as well as various awesome incentives such as more advanced programs, scripts and secret sub-forums! Check out our guide to user bars and ranks for more information.

    You can also give negative -rep, which detracts from a member's points, in the event that they have said or done something particularly distressing or upsetting. Please do not take this lightly, as -rep can be detrimental to a member's status in our community. Our staff will be automatically notified of any negative repping as well, so take care not to misuse this feature!

    If you'd like to earn +rep, then there are lots of options! As previously mentioned, guides, programs and scripts are especially useful, as they help to keep our community's solutions fresh and up to date. However there are plenty of other ways to contribute as well, such as:

    • Offer news and updates to any of our various forums

    • Provide support for programs and scripts created by other members

    • Amend or update a guide created by other members

    • Code, design or draw something for another member

    • Price-check a commodity for another member

    • Help another member with a problem

    • Create a new auto-buyer list

    • Lend any commodity to trustworthy member(s)

    • Create an exceptionally engaging topic of discussion

    Really, there are too many opportunities to list! Look for a clever, kind or innovative way to help our community flourish, and appreciation will follow!

    Please take care not to abuse our +rep system though! Actions such as:

    • Paying for +rep

    • Giving yourself +rep

    • Requesting +rep directly or indirectly

    • Giving +rep away for no good reason

    • Awarding +rep as a prize in a contest or giveaway

    • Giving +rep more than once for the same post

    • Giving +rep for trades

    Are expressly forbidden! Please don't break this rule, or the consequences could be dire!

    Thanks are a simple, yet meaningful way of telling another member that something they've said or done is appreciated. Was someone's guide helpful to you? Did someone say or share something funny or insightful? Did you like someone's program or script? Give their post a thanks by pressing the "Thanks" button in the lower left-hand corner (as seen below).

    This show of gratitude is preferred over replying with messages like Thanks!, or I appreciate this!, as pressing the "Thanks" button awards a member with an increase to their thanks total. Similar to the ?, favorite or like options of social networks, thanks in our community demonstrates how well-received a person's posts are with our members. The next time you see a post or thread in our forum that helps you in some way ... be sure to press "Thanks"!

    In conclusion, please be sure to encourage the members of our community by giving +rep and thanks for their contributions. Your gesture of acknowledgement helps others to achieve new ranks, along with the perks and privileges that follow. If you're looking to achieve those benefits for yourself, then get out there and make a difference!

    Thanks for your support in making clraik awesome!
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