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Thread: Program FAQs/Common Errors

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    Program FAQs/Common Errors

    Alright, so I've seen these questions being asked A LOT even when they've already been answered, multiple times. Hopefully this thread will prevent such questions from being asked.
    These are the ones I found, in no specific order:

    Q: Will I get frozen for using/What's the freeze rate for x program?
    A: The answer to that question is located (you need an account to see links).

    Q: Do the programs here work on Macs?
    A: The answer to this is "yes" as @(you need an account to see links) has a MBP laptop and runs BootCamp to load Windows. You'll need to install Windows on a VM (Virtual Machine) e.g: BootCamp (use a Windows 10 download from (you need an account to see links)), VirtualBox, & VMWare or software that will allow you to dual-boot, like Boot Camp.

    However, the exceptional bots that will run without needing Windows are programs written in JavaScript (Grease & Tampermonkey scripts), Python, and JAVA (.py and .jar files, respectively) since they're cross-platform languages.

    Q: Are there any guides about VMs/Boot Camp?
    Yup, (you need an account to see links) and (you need an account to see links). If you're looking for guides on Boot camp, check (you need an account to see links), they have different guides for different versions of Windows.
    ***Please do not hesitate to ask for help on the forums!***

    Also, (you need an account to see links) is great for video tutorials!

    Q: Am I able to run a program and simultaneously browse neopets?
    A: It's strongly not recommended to browse neopets while you're running a program. Do you restock and play flash games at the exact same time? Try to consider this while botting.

    Q: Should I use the custom User-Agent feature in "x" program?
    A: The answer is YES. It's highly recommended you set your own browser into the program. This shows what browser you are using to Neopets + what version you have currently (Example: Firefox 65). It will make it look more consistent to Neo when botting. You are not (for example) browsing on Firefox 51 anymore... That version of Firefox is like 20 years old!

    Q: I can't log into neopets using x program?
    A: Make sure your password doesn't contain certain special characters (symbols) and it's up to neopets' password standards so you don't get the chia police page. Also make sure that you're not getting the birthday prompt.

    I think those are the most common and general (they apply to the majority of the programs here) questions. Now, as you know, we have a lot of programs available here. Each made by a different programmer, using different languages and they all have different requirements be it rank, libraries, etc. I'll try to answer them all:

    For Joe's older programs: (Stealth Buyer Pro, Auction Sniper Pro, Neoquest II AP, Pet Sniper Pro, etc) <- NOT STEALTH CORE, MAJIN V2, ALTADOR CUP SS

    Q: I'm getting a "Failed to load control 'CtlRipperWrapper'" error?
    A: Most programs use (you need an account to see links) to properly run. Make sure you have them installed and registered.

    Q: I'm getting a "Component 'prjChameleon.ocx'" error, what can I do?
    A: Right-click the program → Run as administrator.

    Q: I'm getting a "Not authorized" message/error?
    A: Check the program's rank requirement, it's usually in the program's thread first post. You can also read more about ranks (you need an account to see links).
    Alternatively, you can (you need an account to see links) and get access to ALL the programs.

    Q: I'm getting a "program is offline" message, what should I do?
    A: If you already have the library files, VB Runtime 6, exceptions added to your AV/Firewall and you're running as admin, make sure your computer's locale is set to en-US.
    (12/05/17) Update: If you're using Windows 10 add each program to Windows' Firewall exception list.

    For Joe's newer programs: (Stealth CORE, Majin V2, Account DB Suite)

    These programs should work after install/download + extracted.

    If they don't work, you'd have to download and install the latest .NET framework from Microsoft.

    (you need an account to see links)

    [Stealth CORE]

    Q: Auth isn't working?

    A: Make sure you are putting the right clraik account password. Also, make sure you have the latest .NET framework downloaded and installed on your computer so everything runs perfectly.

    Also - you might need to change your password to alphanumeric characters only (format: xxxxxxx#####).

    Q: When the task is up to start, it crashes OR the task is not running at the time I indicated in the scheduler?

    A: Make sure your regional settings (Time and Date) are set to English (United Stated) or customize them to look like this:

    [Majin Score Sender v2]

    Q: Can I use this to score send on Shockwave/3D games?
    A: Nope. Those games aren't supported.

    Q: Program stopped working?
    A: Make sure your list is correctly formatted, that your list only contains flash games and that the scores don't go above safe values. Disable the safety checks only if you know what you are doing:

    Q: Do these programs work on 32-bit Operating Systems?
    A: No, Joe's working on making them both x86 and x64 compatible though.

    For programs written in Python: (NeoQuester - NQI AP, Daviid's programs, etc)

    Q: What do I need to run these programs?
    A: Like I mentioned earlier, we have a ton of programs, each with different requirements. You'll need these for the most part though:
    1. Python (preferably 2.7.x)
    -For Windows: Use (you need an account to see links), it will automatically download and install the latest version, it will also install the correct architecture (32-bits or 64-bits). After the installer is finished, open Command Prompt as administrator and paste the following command:
    setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\Python27\Scripts"
    -For Mac/OS X: If you're running El Capitan or later python 2.7.x comes pre-installed, if you're not: Go (you need an account to see links) and download the latest 2.7.x release.
    -For Linux: You don't have to do anything, most Linux distributions come with python pre-installed. If for some reason your distro doesn't come with python just run:
    sudo apt-get install python2.7
    2. pip or easy_install (We'll be using pip in this example)
    Go (you need an account to see links) and download the file if your browser doesn't do it automatically (Right-click → Save Page As...)
    -For Windows: Just double-click the file.
    -For Mac/OS X: Open bash and type the following command:
    python /path/
    You can also drag the file after you've typed "python ". Alternatively, right-click the .py file → Edit with IDLE → Run → Run Module
    -For Linux: Same steps as with OS X, a different way to install pip is using the following command:
    sudo apt-get install python-pip
    3. Imports/dependencies
    Again, this is something that differs for each program, You'll need to read the instructions in the program's download page or thread. The commands are really similar for the main 3 Operating Systems. Just open cmd/bash/terminal and paste:
    pip install mechanize pyautogui libxml2dom beautifulsoup

    If for some reason your question wasn't here feel free to (you need an account to see links) and I'll add it.
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    (you need an account to see links)
    (you need an account to see links)
    (you need an account to see links)
    (you need an account to see links)

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