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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    Soo.. I was given a FR account a few months ago but I never actually got around to playing on it, haha. I'm willing to give the site a shot, though, but I'm not exactly sure where to start?
    I know you're supposed to breed dragons and... That's about it haha. I've never played the game before. Anyone have any tips/recommend any fun things to do on the site?

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    I usually train and exalt dragons for $$$ and collecting Generation 1 dragons (dragons that was born from unhatched eggs, not bred, have no parents) just for the challenge of getting the right color combo and giving them genes (it's an expensive things to do if you decided to try it). Buying custom accent/skin to make dragons even more pretty is also fun.

    For starter, you can try:

    Doing dailies. I bookmarked some direct link to dailies for my own convenience:
    - Gathering
    - Pinkerton
    - Swipp Swap
    - Baldwin
    - Tomo Trivia
    - Tomo Trivia Guide

    Getting a third dragon to make a coliseum team, train them so you can start grinding for $$$ in coli.
    Training guide.

    Some tips:
    - Before hoard-selling items - check their value in Auction House first, some of them may be a required ingredients to create/trade for better items.
    - Don't exalt your progens (your two original dragons, you can't get them back by normal means unless you send a ticket), it's just in case you regret exalting them later.
    - There's dominance battle every week and winning flight will receive bonuses for a whole week. You can check your flight forum if your flight is doing a conquest or profit push. It's fun to participate in dominance.
    - There's also festival at the last week of every month, transmute some items via baldwin and gather (digging) in respective flight area to get some materials to trade for during the festival week. This month would be festival for Ice flight, so try digging in Ice area.
    - Look around the forum, there's a lot more guide/giveaway/raffle and also art to buy if you like art

    Don't go into Gen 1 and accent/skin hell, you can never go back.
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