Hello there. I'm selling my account as i'm done with Battle Camp, it took too much of my time.

So here's the main team:
Thumpthrasher Snipe/Rogue10
Aristoadcracy Snipe/Rogue8
BlasterSnatcher Crush/Rogue7
Aristoadcracy ESwap/Leth7
Powermouse Swap/Leth9

Here's the dominion team:
5 Onyzzaurd, 3 of them rogue, 2 of them lethal.

Also got 3 other teams ( water 402k pr, fire391k pr, rock 378k pr) of r super sevo.

Other valuable monster:
A tons of r super rogue/lethal.
4 crystal siege super
2 epic slots
2 greenguy, 2 borealicat, 1 fanfeather, 3 glittergunner, 1 hearthattacker.

Other resources:
92 uspin ( equals to 920 energy when x10 happens )
1 espin
260 gold
5 epic crystals
245 saved energy into inbox

Will be happy to provide screenshots to prove it eventually requested. Pm me or write down here ur offers, but pls, be smart, there are a tons of valuable monster.