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Thread: Playing NQ in game with a game controller. Software and GM userscript required. Links provided.

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    Playing NQ in game with a game controller. Software and GM userscript required. Links provided.

    Sooooo..... this is fucking awesome. I like playing neoquest manually but I hate using the mouse clicks with a passion!

    One day I found userscripts that let me play NQ using my keyboard yay!. Then I looked at my Logitech F710 and an idea popped in my head .

    So general concept is use a program so keybind my game controller to have keyboard shortcuts, and the userscript to use the keyboard commands to make moves and viola! I get to play NQ I like its a console game yay!

    (you need an account to see links) is the userscript that allows you to use your keyboard to play neoquest. Most of his scripts only work on Firefox, I am not sure if this works on both FF and Chrome. You need (you need an account to see links) for Firefox or (you need an account to see links) for Chrome to enable Userscripts.

    You can press ctrl+shift+alt+s to bring up a configuration UI to change the key maps to other keybinds.

    The only failing I found while playing the game with the userscript is that the special commands were not coded into the script so Absorb and the healing spell from the Life Staff still needs to be cast using a mouse click. I found by dinking around with the script and looking at the source code of neoquest that whatever is in the first special command is coded as ("special", node)[0] and the second is ("special", node)[1].

    When Absorb is available that spell counts as Node 0 always.

    Later on when you get the Life Staff its command will count as Node 1 when Absorb is available to cast, and Node 0 when Absorb is not available to cast.

    What does this mean in not gibberish?

    It means if you have Absorb set to cast when you press X and Healing set to cast when you press Y, then when Absorb is on Cooldown nothing will happen when you press Y and you have to press X to cast Healing.

    But Stocking you just told us that userscript doesn't have those commands!

    I'm getting to that.

    Once you have the userscript installed pull up the file to edit it. Scroll through till you start see the line

            [0x0, 101, "generic", "Attack/Talk/Return", function (node) {
                return findActions("attack", node)[0] || [false, {
                    href    : "",
    Now to be honest I really have no idea how to code, but I do like to fiddle around with things. So I just copied and pasted shit till I got the userscript to do what I wanted it to do. And I present my gift to you.

    Look through the script and find lines that just have movement commands with nothing added to them like

    	[0x0, 97, "southWest", "Southwest"],
    and add in

    /Absorb", function (node) {
                return findActions("special", node)[0];

    So for instance for Absorb my file looks like:
    (Note: I edited my East/Flee command because flee was too easy for me to hit)

            [0x0, 102, "east", "East/Absorb", function (node) {
                return findActions("special", node)[0];
    And for the Life Staff Heal I added it to the North command so it looks like
            [0x0, 104, "north", "North/Staff", function (node) {
                return findActions("special", node)[1];

    Ah I keep getting distracted! Been working on this guide off and on for like 4 hours now, time to wrap it up.

    OK we got the hard part over. This next part is super easy.

    Download your favorite software that allows you to keybind your game controller. Most likely you already have some if you have an X-box or logitech controller. Personally I use (you need an account to see links)

    ctrl+shit+alt+S to pull up those key maps and set up your profile in your keybind software.

    Have fun playing Neoquest

    Helpful Hint:
    When you are leveling up instead of moving left and right just have this link bookmarked
    (you need an account to see links)

    and refresh that page. It will put you into fights while you are in hunting mode.

    If there is interest enough I will make another guide later on with some other things you can do with your game controller on neopets. It wont be a whole lot of info but I am too brain dead right now and not sure how many ppl actually have a gamepad lol.
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