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Thread: Some tips for SSW Sniper bot

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    Lightbulb Some tips for SSW Sniper bot

    So I have been having a ton of fun with Stealth Cores SSW Sniper bot and I wanted to share some of the other uses that it has besides sniping. For This stuff my settings are to run through my list once and then stop as the only option checked

    So anyway, since SSW Sniper Bot already buys the cheapest item on the SSW there are some items that I want to buy that I don't really care how cheap they are because I need them. Be it a collection, food, hoarding, or for an avatar. I am going to assume that you are going to use the same methods to make your lists as in my Guide. Since I really don't give a shit how much the item is then I am just gonna put the price as :99999 on text mechanic.

    [JS] Jellyneo List helper turn your viewed wishlist into an item list that you can copy and paste then add this line into the code

    so it looks like

    After you make the list when you run the bot it'll buy one of each item. You could turn off the GM/TM script off for a bit to see what the JN price is of items and just delete whatever price is too high that you don't want to pay.

    So the checklists+wishlists and the JN special searches are the only ones that I have been able to think of. in regards to buying 1 item at a time.

    Buying items in bulk is pretty much the same idea as sniping. This time instead of setting my bot to run only once I set it to refresh however many times and to buy all if there are multiples of one item in a shop. This would be good for buying a bunch of junk items for discarding for the rubbish avatar. Or loading up a Charity Corner list where you aren't really buying to snipe just to stock up on items for the CC.

    Great thing about SSW Sniper is that how it is coded is that you are never ssw banned. This doesn't mean go whole hog and run it all day cause you could get yourself in trouble. Anyone else have ideas on how the bot can be used?

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