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Thread: [Guide] Make your own AB lists for Stealth Buyer Pro using only Jellyneo, notepad, and userscripts.

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    [Guide] Make your own AB lists for Stealth Buyer Pro using only Jellyneo, notepad, and userscripts.

    This guide is tailored for generating an AB list for use with (you need an account to see links) but you can use the lists generated with another ABer (but why would you want to?) if you remove the shop ids in the lists.

    1. Get (you need an account to see links) for Firefox or (you need an account to see links) for Chrome.

    2. Install @(you need an account to see links)s (you need an account to see links)

    3. Go to (you need an account to see links) and tailor your search to items you want to purchase. On the right is the JN search bar, there are 5 parameters that we want to use for our searches. They are:

    • In Category: Choose the shop you want to search
    • Rarity: self explanatory
    • Price Range: limits the value of items that display on your list
    • Sort By: self explanatory
    • Results Per Page: self explanatory

    In this example I want to search for items in the food shop that have a selling price for at least 50K nps. Rarity is set to 1 to 100 to avoid populating items that would not appear in the shop stock. Since the autobuyer purchases items as a priority of first on the list as first to buy I chose my Sort by parameter as Price Descending. This puts the item with the highest profit at the top of the list that is generated. The highest that Results Per Page can be set to is 100. Now hit find to produce that sweet sweet list.

    4.0 Open up a new txt document in notepad and copy and paste the generated list.

    4.1 One limitation of this is the items at JellyNeo that are unpriced will not show up with the parameters that we set. So once we have pasted our data onto notepad we want to do a second search, this time leaving all the parameters the same except for Price Range: this we want to set as 0 to 0

    4.2 Copy and paste this new list into your text document as well. I don't like putting the unpriced items at the very top of the list because who can guarantee that an unpriced item purchase will sell for more than that 50 M item at the top. I like to choose somewhere in the middle to stick the unpriced list. You can also stick it at the bottom if you like. In this Instance Watermelon Maraquan Shoyru is under 500k on JN so I am just going to stick the new list underneath that item.

    4.4 For (you need an account to see links) add in the shop ID as the first line in the file as <shopid>#</shopid> what this does is each time you load the list in SBP the shop id also will be automatically populated thus removing a step when using the autobuyer. So for the food shop the shop ID is 1

    And you are done. Save your txt file, mine is saved in StealthBuyerPro\ShopLists and the file name is the id number of the shop. When you load up your list in SBP you are good to go!


    Shop IDs, get yet shop IDs here

    The directions above should prevent you from having any issues with your AB lists. If you do have any one of the first things you want to check is the formatting of your list. If you copy and paste your entire list into this tool at (you need an account to see links) and press Submit Query it will regenerate the list ensuring you do not have any additional characters, such as spaces at the end of the item name, that would screw up your AB list. Note that this WILL get rid of the Shop ID at the top of the list so you want to make sure you replace that line and also make sure to only copy and paste the items listed and not any of the characters generated after the last item.

    If I am missing anything please let me know so I can add it
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