Gainelo it brought together a team of players that seeks to ensure the highest quality of service and speed priority for us that customers are satisfied with our elo Boost service and recommend it to others.

We soon open our website - ************

Servers:EUW,EUNE,TR,RU and NA.

New season soon arrive,pre order placement games for new season and get 50% discount

10 Placement games only 20Ä (Price already with included discount).
7 wins guaranteed (if we don't win atleast 7 games of 10 we give for every loose 2x wins).

Tier: (Prices already with included discount).

Bronze V -> Bronze IV - 5Ä
Bronze IV -> Bronze III - 5Ä
Bronze III -> Bronze II - 5Ä
Bronze II -> Bronze I - 5Ä
Bronze I -> Silver V - 8Ä

Silver V -> Silver IV - 8Ä
Silver IV -> Silver III - 8Ä
Silver III -> Silver II - 8Ä
Silver II -> Silver I - 8Ä
Silver I -> Gold V - 14Ä

Gold V -> Gold IV - 14Ä
Gold IV -> Gold III - 14Ä
Gold III -> Gold II - 14Ä
Gold II -> Gold I - 14Ä
Gold I -> Platinum V - 21Ä

Platinum V -> Platinum IV - 21Ä
Platinum IV -> Platinum III - 21Ä
Platinum III -> Platinum II - 21Ä
Platinum II -> Platinum I - 21Ä
Platinum I -> Diamond V - 30Ä

If you get per win less than 16 points then price can raise abit.

Forum page:
Contact via skype:Csdoncecs
Facebook page: (you need an account to see links)
Payment typeaypal,Trade guardian,Runescape 07 Gold - (1M 0.9eur).

How to buy boost:
1.Add Csdoncecs via Skype.
2.Write your division and desired division and server.
3.Gaining points per win.
4.Transfer Money.
5.We start boost your accoun't to your desired division.

Boosting Terms:
- I boost account from location:Lithuania.
- Im using a VPN/Proxy to Boost? No
- The customer can log into the account in between boosting sessions? No, in order to ensure the job is completed as quickly and safely as possible I do not permit you to log on until the boost has been completed. However, if you need to access your account you can contact me on Skype and I can get you a time-frame in which you can log into the account.
- If the account gets banned or rewards are removed during Boosting or right after (within 2 days), you will be compensated.Your purchase will be completely refunded if the reason for the ban is because of mine boosting service.
- After purchase my service you automatically accept my boosting terms.