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Thread: Daviid has beasted upon us, delivers amazing MAJIN v2 guide

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    Daviid has beasted upon us, delivers amazing MAJIN v2 guide

    Much thanks to @Daviid for this awesome guide on how to use my program MAJIN Score Sender v2

    This program will play Neopets flash games for you, sending any score you want. It used to be unsafe for even the average Neopian, but now anyone with a game in mind can send a score safely. This guide gives a quick 1-minute read on how to use my program easily.

    I'm going to start giving out 10 reputation for anyone that makes an in-depth guide to the bots made by me or @Daviid. Must follow guide rules, as always.

    I also recently updated the program to generate safer lists of scores to send:

    Have an awesome weekend!

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    Edit: Forgot to add guide link. My mistake
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