I just switched from PIA to AirVPN because PIA had limited server options that were fast/close to my location.

AirVPN has over 20 servers in Toronto and I've tried most of them at this point, they all work great with everything else, but timeout on Neopets.com. I can visit any site, bandwidth tests are solid, but I get 'connection timed' out when trying to connect to Neopets. There are other servers I can use, but I was really hoping to use the Toronto servers since there's so many of them and they're the closest to me geographically.

I have found 2-3 Toronto servers that will connect to Neopets.com, but when I check ipleak.net it's telling me my IP address is in Toronto, but under 'DNS Address detection' it shows a split between the Toronto server and my IP, saying I have a DNS leak. Are these servers still safe to use on Neopets or will TNT be able to see my personal IP? I'm not even really sure what 'DNS leak' means, to be honest.