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Thread: King Set's Guide to Teambuilding

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    So, you want to actually beat people in online battles? Fair enough. But this isn’t going to be easy. Lmao jk, it’s gonna be relatively simple. I’m going to go over some basics about typing, because you need to remember the law of the land: TYPING IS KEY! I’m sure you know that water’s weak to grass but good against fire. BUT how well is Chansey going to tank a Brave Bird from a bulk up’d Talonflame? This is an example of assumptions you’re going to need to make in order to win. Anyway, without further ado, I’m going to start the guide that’ll save you some trial and error. If you feel as though I overlooked some topics, shoot me a message and I’ll add it.


    There are many types of pokemon. 18 different typings, in fact. Keep this in mind as you build your team; every type is weak and strong against others, respectively. This chart accurately sums up the weaknesses and such.

    Here’s some key tools for getting ready!

    (you need an account to see links) - The Damage Calculator is a simple and effective tool that allows you to see how much damage a move would do against an opponent. Check it out, it’s very useful.
    (you need an account to see links) is a key tool. If you aren’t familiar with a pokemon, this pokedex has all the most common movesets and general information. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE POKEDEX. Respect it. Respect it’s authoritah.
    (you need an account to see links) - This just shows how viable a pokemon is in the OU Tier. For more about Tiers, refer to this (you need an account to see links).
    (you need an account to see links) - This is a site called Pokemon Showdown, the greatest Pokemon Simulator. Very simple to use. Build your team and compete against other players. No training or any bullshit. Just simply set the EV’s, movesets, etc and you’re good to go. This will help you learn the metagame and totally dominate! The ORAS metagame is absolutely 100% more diverse than back in Pokemon Emerald, or even Black and White for that matter..

    While building a team, there are a few things to consider…
    - Which pokemon will this team be based around?
    - Will I have an offensive or defensive team?
    - Do I have the KEY ELEMENTS* in mind already?
    - What stat spreads will I use?
    - Do the typings, abilities, movesets, and stat spreads of my pokemon complement each other?

    *When creating a team, you almost always want all 3 of the original elements: Water, Grass, and Fire. Now, that being said, there are also other positions to fill. The tank, which is the defensive superpower; essentially a Pokemon that can take a BUNCH of hits. The lead, which sets up hazards, status effects, etc. Basically hindering the team in certain ways in the VERY BEGINNING of the match.. Very tricky! Then comes the trump card, the special and physical attackers, the mega (if youd like,) etc., etc., etc.

    This is my team in ORAS. Use my team as an idea as to how types compliment each other. Notice that I have a lot of attack, but a lot of defense as well. Study this for a moment. The items.. Moves.. How they correlate with one another.


    When choosing movesets… USE SMOGON. USE SMOGON. USE SMOGON. USE SMOGON. I can’t stress enough that you should INDEFINITELY USE SMOGON AS A GUIDELINE! The movesets that I use are.. Well, unorthodox, but it’s just because I know what I’m doing. If you’re new, don’t venture far from the moveset you choose. Think carefully and consider which option would best suit your team.

    This next paragraph has a ton of key elements, so think about each part carefully. I’m only going to explain one for now, but if I get any questions about how to set up the rest accordingly I’ll happily explain them. Message me, and I’ll answer any questions you may have & update this page accordingly.

    Donphan is my lead of choice, for more than one reason. Being a MONOTYPE GROUND, he will only take up to 2X DAMAGE ON SUPER EFFECTIVE ATTACKS RATHER THAN 4X! This is HUGE. Keep that factor in mind! I run him with Stealth Rocks. Stealth rocks is an effective field hazard, totally defeating most things that are weak to rock, and effectively dealing damage every time the opponent switches (WHICH THEY WILL, count on it 24/7). I also run Rapid Spin; it cleans up my side of the field without actually clearing the entire field like a move such as Defog. The last two moves I run are Earthquake (a given, has STAB and is an extremely powerful move) and Ice Shard. Now, there’s two special things about Ice Shard. #1: It’s a PRIORITY Ice move. Meaning, it is in a +1 Priority bracket. Donphan will move first, even if he’s much much slower. #2, Ice covers everything ground cant get to… Like flying types for example. And honestly, it packs a punch. Now, onto the stats. I do 252 in Defense and HP, and run a Rocky Helmet. You do the math. He takes physical punches, compliments chansey with that, and the punches he takes always have recoil. His ability, Sturdy, makes sure he will NOT go down in one hit. There’s so much to him. He is truly my favorite ground type, and my favorite lead.

    I hope this helped, and if you have any questions, please message me! AND DEFINITELY MESSAGE ME if I forgot to add something, was unclear about things, or anything else honestly. Godspeed, all you Pokemon Masters. Godspeed.

    Don’t forget to buy my Pokemon. ;^))))))))))

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