Hello i want to sell my handmade account i didnt knew where to put it but i found this forum so :

Account has alot of strong Pokemons like Couple Dragonites/Snorlax/Lapras

Upgraded Pokemon Slots to 600 Upgraded item Slots to 800 some Pokemon Coins

This account was never botted i didnt used android emulator on it or any other 3rd party software/hacks

account was made using only hand/feet so im looking for some serious offers for it

i do give a lifetime guarantee for it with full refund couse im sure its 100% legit account

Payment methods i accept : Skrill/Bitcoin/Neteller

Your can change the nickname on this account Once

You cannot change the team of the account anyway.

The account has upgraded Pokemon Slots/Item Slots and it has some pokemon coins on it ready to spend in the Shop

I dont want to set a price for this account so contact me with an offer

After i Recive a payment from you i will change email on the account for yours and give you the account info but you need to change the password Manually on the Pokemon Trainer Club so you will be 100% owner of this account

Afraid to go first with the payment ? i can go first with the account info when you got positive feedback on the forum.

To add me On skype click on the signature Below or just find me on skype :

Pictures :