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Thread: Pokemon GO Mass Account Checker Tool!

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    Pokemon GO Mass Account Checker Tool!

    I've been following this TechXPlays guys blog and hes been cracking and finding some very useful tools to the Pokemon GO cheating community.

    One of his latest finds was a Mass Account Checker tool to see if you have been banned or not.

    His official blog post is here;

    The direct download link from his blog;

    Personally, I have not used it yet, because I have a batch of lvl 32 accounts that are somehow ban safe.

    I will be using this on other more basic accounts.

    It features threading, tells you details about the accounts, and other stats as well. It does not set a location, so you can play while using it.

    EDIT: doing some more research, I read that it does not allocate a location in game since it does not interact with pokemon/ pokestops, making proxies not needed. Can everyone confirm this?
    I do have some things I'm weary about, so further testing is needed.

    Some things i'm weary about are, IP association with the accounts, device association with the accounts etc.

    If anyone could edit this program to support proxy's. You would be the man, it would cure any doubt's i'd have. @Infamous Joe @Daviid @Zachafer

    Old school dub

    +1 for those who listened

    EDIT: Began testing myself. Not sure wtf is going on, and if they are banning devices specific. Some accounts I thought were banned ended up not being banned

    Epic shit. Can dowload results to a json file. With some text editing cleaned it up to look like this.They list pokemon based off highest CP, tell you all details about the account. Very neat. It reads as one line. scrolling left to right.

    {"Username":"hidden","Password":"hidden","Level":0 ,"Coins":0,"Stardust":0,"Pokemons":null,"Team":0," Status":"Error while checking: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."} = BAN

    PS These account are for sale

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    PSPS can right click on lines, to reveal more opitons such ac copying info, rechecking, checking out pokemon etc.
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