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Thread: [S] Account worth 4.5B | SDPlus Collection!

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    [S] Account worth 4.5 Trillion | SDPlus Collection!

    AB: $250 or best offer. Paypal MyCash Only, will use a clraik OMM.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    To be transparent, the estimated inventory worth is probably overestimated and/or inflated and more of a gamble. However, I have a ton of SDPlus Dolls and Mood Bubbles that hardly ever get rereleased (or never, such as licensed items from anime crossovers) therefore hardly decreases in value. Sometimes the rarity allows you to name your price, but admittedly hard to sell unless you can find the right buyer. I've also have investments in some random items, as well as a small hoard of ETS items.

    I have nothing really notable besides Horns of the Demon, which is worth about $50 in GC/GG. Here are some random items that accumulate to a couple billion if you have the patience to sell them. Not everything since Gaia's dumb worth estimator doesn't have individual item value/sorter like Tektek did.

    Horns of the Demon
    Gary's Island Adventure x5 (13.5B Each, or 67.5
    Snide Jockey (45
    Election 2008 Elephant Plushie (5) (8.8B Each, or 44
    Election 2008 Donkey Plushie (2) (21.9B, or 43.8
    Rosa Decora (26) (1.5B Each, or 39
    Csilla the Wind Sorceress x11 (3.5B Each, or 38.5
    FMAB Briggs Soldier Coat x5 (7.6B Each, or 38
    Waffles Mascot Suit (37
    Winter Rose x7 (5B Each, or 35
    Gimpi x9 (3.4B Each, or 30.6
    Nitemare Sash x12 (2.2B Each, or 26.4
    Demonic Anklets (8) (3.3B Each, or 26.4
    Pink Body Dye (8) (3B Each, or 24
    Black Butlet: Ciel Phantomhive x2 (9.1B Each, or 18.2
    Dark Short Risa Tails x2 (3B Each, or 6
    Angelic Sash (5



    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Most of these are at least worth several hundred million. Skimmed through to find more notable dolls with higher Average Market Price, although you could probably sell for higher or name your price if you find right buyer since dolls are ever rarely listed in the MP.

    SDPlus Real S01 Lanzer @ 73B
    SDPlus #049 Dr. Singh @ 21.5B
    SDPlus #337 Lachessis the Snake Spirit @ 11.7B
    SDPlus #091 Mathilde @ 9.9B
    SDPlus #288 Mizuki @ 9.2B
    SDPlus #037 Rosalie @9B
    SDPlus #017 Becky @ 8.4B
    SDPlus #119 Jet @ 8B
    SDPlus Special #001 Gold Ivan (3) @ 8B Each
    SDPlus #399 Biopsy Stein @ 8B
    SDPlus #154 Cupid (4) @ 6.9B Each
    SDPlus #279 Queen Anne @ 6.6B
    SDPlus #241 Starbabies Roy G. (2) @ 6.3B Each
    SDPlus #431 Exiled Nyx @ 6.3B
    SDPlus #089 Yuki @ 6B
    SDPlus #116 Pork Wizard @ 6B
    SDPlus Real S16 DrinkyTengu @ 5.7B
    SDPlus #030 Alien 02 @ 5.5B
    SDPlus Special #004 Wizard Ivan @ 5.3B
    SDPlus #332 ChromatiChaos @ 5B
    SDPlus #256 Bacchus @ 4.3B
    SDPlus #067 Anurla @ 4.3B
    SDPlus #258 Draculian @4.1B
    SDPlus #178 Doctor @ 4B
    SDPlus #494 Hades @ 3.7B
    SDPlus #118 Pale Marionette @ 3.7B
    SDPlus #086 Lond (2) @ 3.7B Each
    SDPlus #081 Megalomaniac @ 3.3B
    SDPlus #262 The Wizard of Cri @3.2B
    SDPlus #054 Katsumi @3.2B
    SDPlus #216 The Empress @ 3B
    SDPlus #011 Agatha @3B
    SDPlus #076 Stieg @ 3B
    SDPlus #133 Les Cannon @ 2.7B
    SDPlus #349 Caterpillar @ 2.7B
    SDPlus #064 Ol' Nick @2.5B
    SDPlus Real S34 warrior_of_boognish @ 2.4B
    SDPlus Real S46 siskataya @ 2.4B
    SDPlus #371 Lady Luck (8) @ 2.3B Each
    SDPlus #072 Santiago (2) @ 2B Each
    SDPlus #388 Pixel @ 2B
    SDPlus #229 The Circus Grunts @ 2B
    SDPlus #187 Jenny @ 2B

    To my knowledge, since these are licensed/crossover items they will never be re-released. All of them at least 1B, decided to only list dolls that are SDSuper Dolls that are almost 10B+
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    SDSuper+ SP06 Lucas Lee (3) @ 88.7B Each | 266.1B
    SDSuper+ FMAB11 Greed @ 153B
    SDSuper+ SP09 Roxie Richter @95.7B
    Tiger & Bunny SDPlus Blind Box (Any) 93B
    SDSuper+ T&B07 Keith @ 91B
    SDSuper+ BB07 Lau (3) @ 27B Each | 81B
    SDSuper+ AT06 Lady Rainicorn @ 66B
    SDSuper+ T&B08 Sky High @ 60B
    SDSuper+ PMMM01 Madoka Kaname @ 45B
    SDSuper+ BB10 Agni (4) @ 11B Each @ 44B
    SDSuper+ BB13 Ash Landers @ 42B
    FSDSuper+ FMAB05 Ling Yao @ 41B
    SDSuper+ SP07 Todd Ingram (2) @ 20.2B Each | 40.4B
    SDSuper+ FMAB13 Envy @34.4B
    SDSuper+ BB09 Prince Soma @ 29B
    SDSuper+ BB05 Claude Faustus @ 27.3B
    SDSuper+ FMAB07 Major Alex Louis Armstrong (2) @ 13.3B Each | 26.6B
    SDSuper+ BB06 Hannah Annafellows (3) @8.8B Each | 26.4B
    SDSuper+ PMMM01 Madoka Kaname @ 20B
    SDSuper+ BB11 Undertaker @ 18.7B
    SDSuper+ PMMM05 Kyoko Sakura @ 18.5B
    SDSuper+ BB14 Angela Blanc @ 18.2B
    SDSuper+ FMAB10 Pride (2) @ 9.1B Each | 16.2B
    SDSuper+ FMAB04 Winry Rockbell @ 16B
    SDSuper+ FMAB14 Lust (2) @ 9B Each | 16B
    SDSuper+ FMAB12 Gluttony @ 12.4B
    SDSuper+ FMAB09 Sloth @ 12.2B
    SDSuper+ BB15 Drossel Kainz @ 9.5B
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