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Thread: [GUIDE] Neopian Stock Market Guide!

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    [GUIDE] Neopian Stock Market Guide!

    Stock Market Guide!
    by KTRoo

    Before I start, let me make it clear that stock is NOT profitable in one day or one week. You have to be patient. If you can't be patient, or if the account you are using is in danger of being frozen, DO NOT START INVESTING IN STOCKS. It takes time. I realize this guide won't be very useful for most of you, but anyone looking for legit NP-earning could benefit greatly.

    Starting Your Portfolio

    The first step is to start building your portfolio. You'll need 15-18k to purchase your first set of shares, which can easily be obtained through games, or whatever method you want. Start by accessing the (you need an account to see links) and clicking 'Buy':

    Then click (click to list) under 'Ticker Symbol':

    Which should bring you to a list of stocks. You can also just go here:

    That's a lot easier! Now it's time to purchase stock. I like to go to the under 20/Share link when buying, as it filters out all the useless stocks I don't plan on buying. To start with, you'll want to look for stock that's between 15 and 18np per share(15 being the lowest you can purchase stock):

    Now, choose your stock! You can either choose blindly, or check trends on for a more informed purchase. In this example, the only stock I would purchase would be TSRC, because it is the only one at 15np/share. I like to maximize profit margins and only buy at 15np. However, any stock in the 15-18 range is fine. Once you have decided, click the stock's 'code'(in this case, TSRC)then the full stock name(The Shoyru Company) to be taken to the buying page again, and enter 1000 as the amount of shares you wish to buy. 1000 is the maximum daily limit allowed for purchasing stocks.

    You will be redirected to your portfolio after your purchase. Your portfolio shows all the stocks you own in alphabetical order, and all their current information. For security reasons I'll be blocking out stock names and amounts in my port for all screenshots

    I left one to show you how it is set up. The icon is the stock's personal icon. There are several, but they're mostly unimportant. The Ticker is the stock code, such as TSRC. For Today it shows what the stock opened at, and what it currently is. The 'Chg' is the amount the stock has changed since opening, either positive or negative. This stock is currently at 66np/share. I bought 1000 shares(Qty) and paid 15,000np for them. Since they are now 66np/share, I would receive 66,000np if I cashed them in. To do this, I would click the grey arrow next to the stock icon and enter 1000 as the amount of stocks I want to sell.

    Then, go to the bottom, enter my PIN(if applicable, which I suggest PIN-protecting your stocks if you plan to build a decent port) and click the button that says 'Sell Shares'. On the bottom of the page you can also find more information regarding your stocks.

    These 'Totals' are, in order, your number of stocks, the amount of neopoints spent on all the stocks, the amount the stocks are worth as a whole, and the percent of increase or decrease in value of all stocks combined. Once you get a portfolio where you have spent 1 million neopoints on stocks, you receive a spiffy avatar:

    Once you sell a stock, you are taken to the 'Sold' page, where Nigel the Stockbroker lets you know that you have sold XXX shares of whichever stock, and for how much. He charges a small fee of 20 neopoints per transaction. He then gives you a summary of how many neopoints you had on hand before and how many you have now. Selecting 'Click here to continue' returns you to your portfolio.

    That's it, you've started your port! Now, moving on. Get ready for walls of text

    Selecting a Buy/Sell Point

    This step is really all about personal preference and how badly you need np on hand. I started with a buy point of 15np/share and started with a sell point of 30np/share, which is a 100% increase in value. You should always keep your buy point within 15-18np/share to maximize profit margin. However, many people like to go for quick sales, which involves much more risk for a possibly good and fast return. This involves watching a stock that is steadily increasing and buying at a much higher value than 15-18np/share, such as a stock that is above 50np/share. Now the stock may continue to rise quickly, and get you a fast return on your investment, but it may also suddenly dip in price and you'll either have to wait for the stock to hit your buy point(50np/share) again, or sell at a loss. I do not recommend EVER selling for a loss in profit unless you absolutely need those neopoints. They always go back up, but it may take a while.

    When purchasing for long-term investment and choosing 15-18np/share stocks, you are going to have to wait. A lot. Don't panic when stocks go under 15np/share. It's pretty much guaranteed they will go up at some point in time. I recommend buying stocks once per day, and fleshing out your portfolio to 15-25 different stocks. Then begin adding on to stocks that stay low, using the money gained from selling stock to buy more, or earning the np needed to buy more without selling. If you purchase stock every day at 15np/share for 1000 shares, and never sell, you will reach a portfolio of 1 million np in value in 67 days and get your shiny new avatar. Realistically it could take several months if you have a set sell point and are selling when they hit their sell point. I check my stocks once a day to see what they're like, and if they're close to my sell point I check them more often. Once you are comfortable with buying and selling stock, you can increase your sell point, say to 200%, or 300%, or 50np/share or 100np/share. Whatever suits you.

    Make Money! :cool:

    Using the Stock Market for long-term or even short term investment is a great way to make a lot of money. In just over a year I have made over 5mil from stocks alone. I realize, as cheaters, you make millions much faster, but it is a simple and legit way to make money for the long term. You have to have patience, do your research, and don't get anxious and sell at a loss, but you can have a lot of fun and make a lot of np using the Stock Market

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    Finally a stock market guide! Like stated at first, it doesn't take a day or two for this to work, more like a month or two. After that you will definitely see major profit being made. Some people make 20m+ in their first year from stocks if they know what they are doing. Looks great.
    (you need an account to see links)
    (you need an account to see links)(you need an account to see links)

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