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Thread: ★ [Guide] The Kadoatery - Legit Feeding

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    ★ [Guide] The Kadoatery - Legit Feeding

    Simply put, the Kadoatery is a game on Neopets in which you're required to feed Kadoaties. There are certain times where the page will refresh, and any formerly fed Kadoaties will require a specific food item in order to be fed.

    When feeding Kadoaties, items are split into two groups: buyable, and unbuyable.
    If you're an active restocker (or use an autobuyer frequently), you're likely to be familiar with these terms. A buyable item is an item that can be found on the shop wizard - an item under 100,000NP. An unbuyable item, on the other hand, is an item which cannot be found on the shop wizard - an item over 100,000NP. Unbuyable items, depending on the rarity, can often be found on the trading post or in auctions. In the example above, the Kadoatie is asking for an unbuyable item.

    There are several methods that you can use in order to feed a Kadoatie.

    Inventory Feeding

    Inventory feeding, as the name suggests, is when you have several food items in your inventory ready to feed the hungry Kadoaties - but how do you know which items you should buy?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to predict which items the Kadoaties will ask for. What you can do, however, is pick a theme of food items - a lot of people consider this to be the most efficient way of Kadoatery feeding.

    It's incredibly easy to choose a specific theme of item - all you're required to do, is buy an inventory-worth of something containing the word "pizza", or "chia pop", or "sandwich" etc. The best thing about themed inventory feeding is that all you'll need to do during a Kadoatery refresh is search for a keyword - if a Kadoatie asks for a Bagel and Egg Sandwich, and you have fifty types of sandwich in your inventory, it's likely that you have this item. Many people favour this method due to how fast and simple it is - plus the items are very easily replaced after feeding. A cool tip is to use the Ctrl + F feature in your browser, and type in the keyword. This will automatically take you to any Kadoaties seeking this item, and you won't have to manually search.

    You're not obliged to stick to just one theme - keep that in mind. You could do sandwiches and jacket potatoes, or juice and chocolate - or bread, ice cream, and pancakes. Observe the Kadoaties for a few refreshes, and see which items work best for you.

    Pros: A fast method with a high success rate. If an item within your theme appears and you're able to pick up the keyword fast enough, you're very likely to get that feed.
    Cons: Having 50 food items in your inventory will cause you to be unable to restock, due to the fact that you can't carry more than 50 items - although you can still withdraw from your SDB and collect items from dailies etc.

    Safety Deposit Box Feeding

    Another popular method is Safety Deposit Box feeding. This method is also preferred by many, because there is no limit to the amount of items you can keep in your safety deposit box - unlike your inventory, you should only be carrying 50 items maximum.

    With this method, you're required to wait for the Kadoaties to refresh, and then quickly look up the item in your safety deposit box. Withdraw it, click on the Kadoatie, and that's all there is to it. You can keep a multitude of food themes in your safety deposit box, which is great for some of those more obscure themes - such as an item with "riceball" in the name, or perhaps a specific type of vegetable where the list of items with that specific vegetable is very limited.

    Pros: You're able to use many more themes this way, compared to the inventory method.
    Cons: If you have a PIN on your safety deposit box, this can slow things down - and I strongly advise against disabling your PIN.

    Shop Wizard Feeding

    The third method, and probably my favourite method, is Shop Wizard feeding.
    With this method, you're required to quickly search for the item on the shop wizard, buy it, and then feed the Kadoatie requesting the item you bought - it's a very hit and miss method, but you don't have to worry about the PIN issue with the safety deposit box method. You also don't have to worry about going through the trouble of buying themed items for the inventory method.

    The only issue I have with this method, is the fact that you can end up seriously overpaying for an item. Often, you'll need to refresh at the shop wizard in order to find the cheapest price - you won't have time to continuously refresh when it comes to feeding Kadoaties. I highly recommend using the Super Shop Wizard, if you have access to it.

    You also need to be careful that you don't choose to look up a popular inventory themed item on the shop wizard - while you're looking up something with "pizza" in the name, someone else may have already fed that Kadoatie with the inventory method. The best things to search for with the shop wizard method are the obscure items that people are unlikely to have in their inventory - these items aren't favoured by inventory feeders because either they don't show up often, or perhaps the majority of items with said keyword are unbuyable - because we advise against feeding unbuyable items, many people find it pointless bothering to complete and replace this theme.

    Let's take the keyword "truffle" for example. There are two known items with this keyword under the default food shop category - Exotic Sliced Truffles, and Silver Shoyru Truffles. While the first item is a mere 5,000NP or so, the latter is unbuyable at a whopping 4.5mil - why bother to buy the 5,000NP truffle and clog up an inventory space when you could be using it for a more efficient item?
    Searching for these sort of items is mainly what you should be aiming to do when it comes to shop wizard feeding. Do your research on themes of items, and try to learn the themes you should be avoiding.

    Pros: No need for a themed inventory, and no need to worry about your PIN number adding valuable seconds to your feed.
    Cons: If you don't choose the right item to search for, you'll have just wasted your chance.

    Unbuyable Feeding

    This is the worst method you can use, due to the price of some of the items. Sure, it's the easiest way when it comes to actually feeding the Kadoatie, but it's not cheap. At the time I started this guide, there were three Kadoaties asking for a Happy Anniversary Negg - this item, on average, sells for 1.5mil. Do you really want to waste that much on a single Kadoatie?
    Of course cheaper items will pop up eventually, but it's going to cost you an awful lot if this is your method of choice.

    Pros: An incredibly easy feed - you'll notice the same unbuyables pop up often.
    Cons: This will become very, very expensive.

    Specific Spot Feeding

    The final method is when you choose a specific position to feed every time.

    This can be good at times because after a few feeds, you'll automatically try to feed that spot - this is especially good for shop wizard feeding.
    The issue with this is that if you're inventory feeding and you don't have that item, you've wasted seconds looking for another Kadoatie. If you're using the shop wizard method and that Kadoatie happens to want a commonly themed inventory item, you're a bit screwed. If the Kadoatie asks for an unbuyable item and this isn't your preferred method, you've wasted a refresh.

    Pros: You'll become more familiar with this spot quite quickly.
    Cons: Very hit and miss for inventory feeding, shop wizard feeding, and safety deposit box feeding.

    Refresh Times

    Timing is important when it comes to feeding Kadoaties. You should always check the (you need an account to see links) for a Kadoatery times and lists topic - this way, you can be sure that you're prepared for when there's a potential Kadoatery refresh.
    Mains are calculated 28 minutes after the last refresh. It's rare that Kadoaties will refresh exactly 28 minutes after the last refresh, but it does happen - if it doesn't, the Kadoatery will go into what is known as a pend, which will add an additional 7 minutes after the main. You repeat the 7 minute process until there's a refresh.
    Keep in mind that a refresh doesn't occur exactly :00 seconds past the minute - it used to, but TNT changed this a couple of years ago to :20 seconds past the minute. Here's an example.

    12:28:20am NST - this is when the main was originally predicted.
    12:35:20am NST - after adding the 7 minute pending time.
    12:42:20am NST - we'll say that the Kadoatery refreshed at this time.
    1:10:20am NST - the new main prediction.

    I advise refreshing from :18 seconds past the minute, until :30 seconds past the minute - occasionally the NST isn't synced properly, and the refresh can be a few seconds off.



    Feed 1 Kadoatie

    Feed 10 Kadoaties

    Feed 25 Kadoaties

    Feed 75 Kadoaties
    The avatar is awarded when you view your lookup

    Editorial Questions Answered

    *gives Kadoaties* Way back in Year 6 you guys wrote in the Editorial that we could win a Kadoatie by feeding Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. Is that still true? Thanks! ~phdinmagic

    Originally it was our intent for the Kadoatery to randomly (and rarely) award a Kadoatie, but if we remember correctly we decided against it, although afterward we mentioned it in the Editorial. (This is all based off of some very rusty memories, forgive us.) Please remember that the information we offer in Editorials is what we believe to be the most accurate information at the time. This means, however, that sometimes things unexpectedly change or just develop as the site ages (or, heck, sometimes we just plain mess up and are wrong about something). Aside from Lawyerbot, we're all human here and can only do our best.


    Hey TNT. I've seen a few people feeding Kads on side accounts, and I've been wondering if this is allowed or not. Can you please clarify? Oh, and can you please also clarify the amount of items that are allowed in your inventory at one time? Thanks! ~chenbi

    Since you can't gain any items or Neopoints from feeding Kadoaties on your side accounts, this is fine. You can feed 'til the Kaus come home!


    Can you set something straight for us Kadoatie feeders. How many items are you allowed in your inventory to feed?? Some people said they read in the neopets magazine you can have 69 items and other people are saying it's 50 items and if you have more you will get frozen or all the items in your inventory will be deleted. Please explain thank you ~gemsibaby

    There really is no hard-coded limit on your Inventory since you can move lots of items from your SDB to your inventory at once, so you will not be frozen or have your inventory cleared just for having too many items out while moving things around. However, having hundreds of items in your inventory for prolonged periods of time is quite fishy and you may be investigated by site monitors who will make sure you're not cheating or anything of that sort. 69 items is the max you can have on hand and still be able to use quick stock. However, we recommend you have 49 items in your inventory as it allows you to still be able to buy items you might need in a hurry for those Kadoaties or be able to accept gifts from friends.

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