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Thread: Infamous Joe's Neoquest 2 Autoplayer and JLK script Guide

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    Infamous Joe's Neoquest 2 Autoplayer and JLK script Guide

    Here is the step by step guide to help you get Neoquest 2 trophies via Joe's Neoquest 2 Autoplay and JLK's script. Unfortunately, it is not as straight forward as it sounds, little effort have to be put into it. I hope this guide clear some things up and should speed up the process of gaining the trophy.

    A couple of things before we start:

    1) download the script here: (you need an account to see links)
    and download the program here: (you need an account to see links) (Top clRAIK rank required!)
    2) there will be a time where you will end up in a weird spot, or get lost even when running the script. This could either mean that you are defeated in combat (you then start at your latest checkpoint, but the scripts will keep on running, thus ending on a weird place), or somehow joe's program went wrong. There is no mistake in JLK's script, I have tested each and everyone of them and they ARE working fine, my only conclusion is that Joe's program might have skipped a step. Sometimes the script runs perfectly, sometimes not, in either case, feel free to die and spawn at your latest check point to save time and rerun the script (except for Insane mode). you will lose 50% of gold collected but gold is inconsequencial in this game, I have beat the game almost without purchasing anything, the story bosses drop will give you some of the best armor and weapon that you can hope for because it give you skill points purchased armor doesn't.
    3) text in blue means that you have to do those action manually. text in red means important note, ie, to inform you that there is a high chance that you will die when running that script in hunting mode, so use normal mode instead etc.
    4) Always walk with Hunting mode unless stated otherwise for natural level progression. You will be at max level eventually without the need to spend time on training mode.
    5) This guide is assuming you know where the stating point of the script is. JLK already did a great job on that with screenshots.
    6) My delay time is 300 ms and 600 ms. I have been frozen but never because of neoquest (but of stupidity) so it'll be fine, and I ran it across 3 mains and got gold trophy unnoticed.
    7) All steps mentioned, all interaction and all bosses are COMPULSORY!
    8) You do not want to do any boss fight with the program. You need to constantly cast skills like haste and protect which the program does not do automatically for you save the first turn.

    Note: I want to apologies for the lay man style of this guide. The point is to get you through the game with the autoplayer and not bringing you through the story, skill guide etc... Honestly I didnt care about those, I just did what it takes to get the gold trophy I will however write down the skills that I learn that got me past the game. I'm sure there will be a better skill combo but this will do if you care about none of those stuff. What works, not what's best. Feel free to suggest better skills, granted that you've run them on the autoplayer.

    Chapter 1
    - Level up to level 6 Normal mode and Level 8 Insane mode. For me, this is the only time in NQ2 that I use training mode. You might die a few times, so monitor it every few minutes or so.
    - Walk out of town to spot number 1, Run Script #1
    - Attack the Miner Manually, then touch the blue crystal ball, immediately start Script #2
    - You will arrive in a town, make sure you rest here. It is crucial since there is a chance you might die in the next journey even in Normal Mode. Try leveling to at least level 12 and stock up as many potions as you can in higher difficulty modes. Once you're ready, start Script #3.
    - Manually fight Zombom, after that move towards the blue crystal. Run script #4. It should being you back to town, a new path has been opened to cross the town to the otherside. Alternatively, you can just die after defeating Zombom and you'll be back to town.
    - Find Mipsy in the town (after you cross the bridge she is on the house to the left), talk to her and get her to join your party then proceed south to exit town.
    - Run Script #5
    - Walk into the dungeon, talk to the ghost, exit dungeon, run script #6
    - Run Script #7, #6 should bring you there nicely.
    - Talk to that dude and finish the conversation. Run script #8.
    - Before you leave town, rest if you want to, but the rest is quite easy with Mipsy in your party, still, rest cause I died once for unknown reasons, run Script #9.
    - Take a couple of step South east and talk to the ghost again, then run script #10, ready to fight sandgrundo.
    - Fight sandgrundo, win and walk on the blue crystal, run script #11.
    - Rest in town, buy some Awakening potion
    - Exit town, start script #12
    - Fight Ramtor, then exit the castle using this map, (you need an account to see links)
    start script #13 and defeat ramtor again, you've completed chapter 1!

    Chapter 2
    - Walk to position and start Script #1. Use normal mode to walk, the journey is too far and there's no potion restock point. You just want to get Talinia as soon as possible. If you use hunting mode, you might die a few times. It's fine, since it helps leveling. (if you die in normal walk mode, feel free to level all the way to level 25 in evil before continuing). This is one of the tougher script due to JLK's script that skips a portion of the story entirely.
    - Talk to Talinia (green bird guy) and rest in Inn (nearest guy to the door), you're lucky to make it this far. LEARN MULTIPLE TARGETS for Talinia or Joe's program will not run properly! (Took me a while to figure that out, shame)
    - Run Script #2.
    - Defeat Klovar, then manually stick with the wall on your right and move south, you should reach a town, rest up!
    - Run Script #3.
    - When you arrive at the camp, talk to the guy on the bottom left to rest. The next part is going to kill you a few times as well due to lack of potion restocking. Don't worry, you're a few scripts away from getting your healer!
    - Run Script #4.
    - Beat the Boss and you're done with chapter 2. (you should be at least level 32 in Insane mode at this point)

    Chapter 3
    - Remember to equip your best armor. Mipsy defense comes first! Level up to at least lvl 32. Exit the castle using the map here (you need an account to see links), stock up potions in the tent on the far top left in higher difficulty AFTER exiting.
    - Defeat Silicast, proceed north to blue crystal, then walk towards script #2 starting point and run script #2.
    - Defeat boss, walk south to the blue crystal, you will teleport to the castle again. Exit the castle as usual, then walk as north as you can until you see another castle, don't enter it. Instead, proceed north until you see a yellow tent, enter it and talk to Velm on the right. Talk to the grarrl to rest up, congratz! you have Velm in your party, things are about to get easy ^^. (Learn group heal instead of single heal or Joe's program will not work)
    - Run Script #3
    - Defeat the boss, then go top right to talk to Lifira, the go top left to the blue crystal.
    - You are currently at the Palace of Ancient Kings, Manually walk back to Waset Village and run script #4. The journey is not far. Use the map here: (you need an account to see links)
    - Talk to Lifira in the red tent in Waset Village. She is located here: (you need an account to see links)
    - Run Script #4
    - Talk to Bukaro, then manually walk to script #5 starting point, interact with the area before actually starting script #5. You should have an option that says "keep digging...". Start script #5.
    - Fight Colztan's Ghost, then talk to him. Then walk to script #6 starting point, interact with the ground to get a gem, then start script #6.
    - Interact with the ground for the last gem and start script #7!
    - Beat the boss and proceed to Chapter 4!

    Chapter 4
    - With Velm, you can literally finish this chapter without stopping for potions, I only stop to talk to the compulsory Brain Tree and skip the rest. Equip armors and weapons you got from previous boss battles and start script #1.
    - If I were you I'd walk in normal mode from here on until end chapter. You won't need leveling as much anymore and it speeds up the process.
    - Fight Meuka, then walk towards the blue crystal and start script #2. (talking to von roo is not neccessary)
    - Defeat spider grundo, then run script #3
    - As soon as script #3 ends, IMMEDIATELY start script #4. JLK's screenshot fo script #4 is inaccurate. the accurate one would be one step south of where he place his starting point. If you run script #4 immediately after script #3 ends, you should not have a problem.
    - Talk to Brain Tree, the go all the way north and you will be teleported outside the building. Once you're outside, walk south until you see a bunch of faeries, defeat them and start Script #5. (the faeries are quite tough in higher difficulty levels so be prepared)
    - Note: JLK's script 5 does not bring you to the final spot. Download my edited script instead. In credit, there is only a few missed move that I added to the script.
    - Run Script #5
    - Defeat the boss and you're on to the last chapter!

    Chapter 5
    - Take ONE step south and run script #1. Revert back to Hunting mode until you reach level 60! You'll really really need it. (I got to here with only level 47 in Insane mode, heheh)
    - You can't rest here. Try going to the second floor to buy some damaging potions from the chef, you can make the new few bosses easier. Exit the castle south, the run script #2.
    - Defeat the dark faerie, then manually walk to your east then south until you come across a stair. Go through the stairs and start script #3.
    - Defeat devilpuss and exit the place via east, and start script #4.
    Ignore the village if you want to (nothing much really) and start script #5. I recommend rest in later levels, if you defeated devilpuss easy enough, then don't bother
    - Defeat the thief then start script #6.
    - Defeat the thief again and start script #7.
    - Fight and defeat the thief for one last time, move a little bit north and start script #8.
    - You will get stuck here, but you will see some stairs leading upwards, walk towards the stairs. climb 1 more level up up, the journey is about 2 mins if you walk in normal mode and flee all battles, fight the Pant devil when you see him. (i am trying to fix the script but can't seem to find out which of the steps are missing)
    - After you finish off the first pant devil, run script #9.
    - Finish off the second pant devil and run script #10
    - Talk to the Faerie, she's the only compulsory character to talk to in this chapter. Say, "We've defeated both Pant Devils." then run script #11
    - Walk up the stairs and be ready for the second final fight with the boss. (no matter what level or what armor or what skillset you have, this fight is tough so be prepared)
    - After defeating Terask, continue north to a blue crystal, touch it and then start script #12! (final script)
    - Walk north and follow the path, you will meet the final boss.
    - You now gain a trophy!

    Skill Guide sorted by Importance
    Max skill level is 15. So even if you have a weapon that gives you +3 Critical and you have 15 points invested in that skill, you will still only do a level 15 critical not 18.
    I suggest learning all skills to levels as I did and save the rest until you get some final equipments. Then spend the skill points on everything else the armor or weapon does not give you. However, wasting a skill point or two makes VERY little difference.

    Damage Increase: 11
    Innate Haste: 11
    Critical: 11
    Stun: 5
    Magic Resistance: 11
    Combat Focus: 5
    Taunt: 0
    Reasons: Rohane's Stun will help you in earlier chapter but very little in later level (absolutely does nothing to late level bosses), you shouldn't invest too much on it (but feel free to spend on it when you have extra skill points, I did). It's more important to speed him up and increase his attack than anything else. In the end of Chapter 1, I would say my skill points are Damage Increase: 4, Innate Haste: 4, Critical: 3, Stun: 1, Magic Resistance: 0. Spend on Combat Focus only if you have filled up the rest of the skill points because it's a manual skill to use and Joe's program will not help you do it. Taunt will mostly miss in later chapters.

    Direct Damage: 11*
    Group Damage: 11*
    Innate Defense: 11
    Group Haste: 11
    Damage Shield: 11
    Innate Haste: 11
    Slowing: 0
    Reasons: Between Direct Damage and Group Damage, choose one. I suggest direct damage but group damage is safer for random battles. (During the last boss, which could take up to 30 minutes of battle, Mipsy is the only one who can seemingly do any damage, that's the reason I chose Direct over Group) but feel free to use any one of them. Innate Defense should come in second because Mipsy has ridiculously low HP and tend to die a lot in later difficulty, it is important to note that Mipsy will be your tanker in the first 2 chapter more than anything else. Innate haste is helpful but should be focused last. Rohane will do most of the damage until chapter 4.

    Multiple Targets: 11
    Damage Increase: 11
    Innate Haste: 11
    Shockwave: 11
    Magic Resistance: 11
    Ranged Attack: 0
    Slowing strike: 0
    Alas, learn as many multiple target as you can, for one it's a really good starting skill, secondly Joe's program will not work if you don't have that skill. The rest is rather straightforward for Talinia, he/she will be your second damage after Rohane until chapter 3 and main stunner after. Talinia does not get attack much so learn magic resistance last.

    Group Healing: 13
    Innate Haste: 13
    Group shielding: 11
    Innate Defense: 11
    Mesmerization: 0
    Celestial Hammer: 0
    Healing: 0
    Velm is quite a game breaker, with him you won't have to worry about dying in normal mode. In fact, you can say the rest of the game is quite easy with him. But you do and will die in later difficulties if you don't watch it. I would max out group healing and haste as soon as I can. Group shielding would be very useful after 3rd chapter. Mesmerization and Celestial will be useless by the time you have extra skill points to learn them on. Note: In Insane mode, you will still need to stock up potions, he won't be able to heal your team in time. Evil mode will be a breeze tho.
    Also, group healing is not only easier, heals more in a long run, Joe's program needs it to run properly.

    Goes to Joe for his amazing program, JLK for his very detailed script and mapguides, and a few other sources too unimportant to mention.
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