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Thread: J_L_K's legit guide to SPACEROCKED

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    J_L_K's legit guide to SPACEROCKED

    yet another of my game guides

    Spacerocked!, its a fun little game about a grundo using 3 different types of slingshots to fling pieces of rock, cans, or metal
    junk as far as s/he can. The goal of this game being that you (the grundo) hit the spaceship at the far end of the moon.

    Click the "Start Game" button.
    When you see your character (orange grundo), press the up arrow or down arrow keyboard to aim his slingshot.
    When you have the direction you want, wait for the sling to change to the color you want to
    use for the power you want to use. Press the "Spacebar" to send the item you have flying. White-ish is the highest power, deep red-ish is the weakest power.

    white-ish -------------- deep red-ish

    Try to hit the Spaceship at the far end of the playing area.

    There are 3 "levels"-
    1st level you just use a regular slingshot.
    2nd level you use a giant slingshot that will send your item further than the first.
    3rd level you use a monstrous mechanical slingshot, and this will send your item the furthest.

    First off all you need is a good sense of timing, that really is the only trick to this game, so far.
    Also, luck would be a great friend to you as you do not get to pick what you will be flinging across the moon at the
    spaceship (although using a slingshot to shoot cans at a spaceship all day long would be REALLY cool).
    There are a few cheat engines that would give you a slight edge in this game, but i will not be covering those as I want
    to explain to you how to play and beat the game legitly.

    POWER UPS: Main
    Grundo Boost-this is your main Power Up, he will come across the screen to hit your piece of debris and knock it way high and far.
    To use this power up, after you have sent your pebble or can or metal, flying, press the "B" button on your keyboard.

    There are some power ups you can use to help you finish the game and hopefully get on the high score list.

    POWER UPS: In Airspace
    Green Flying rock- If your piece of debris is sailing through airspace and hits this flying rock, your debris will be
    sent speeding and kinda high also.
    Green Flying Rock with an Orange Grundo- This rock looks similiar to the Green Flying rock, except that it has an
    orange grundo face on it.
    Red Flying Rock- This is a BAD thing, if your debris touches this power up, it will explode along with your debris.
    These also come in different sizes.

    POWER UPS: On The Ground
    This will cover the power ups and bad things you can come across that would be on the ground.
    Pipes- Exactly what it sounds like, pieces of pipe sticking up from the ground. They can be upside down "L" shaped or "I"
    shaped and some are tall, while others are short. In any case these are BAD, if you ricochet off of them they will slow
    your debris down and you don't want that to happen unless your already at the end. If you dont ricochet off these,
    but just hit it, then it stops your debris, and you have to try again with a new pebble, or trash
    Purple Grundo- another good power up. If your pebble hits this guy he will send it skyward pretty high, usually a
    helpful one to come across.
    Space Dust- these are the dark purple spots on the ground that look like someone spilled some liquid on the ground.
    If you hit one of these, it will uncover one of 2 things, a rock or pebble, which gives one more chance to get to the space
    ship at the end, or a purple grundo face, which gives you another grundo boost.
    Holes- These can be good or bad. If you hit the side then it will give you points and send your debris flying.
    But, if you hit it in the middle, then it will swallow the debris and you will have to try again.
    Holes that spew vapor- These are bad only if you go over them slowly. Going over them slowly will stop your
    progress and make you start over on that level.

    Items you will send flying:
    There are 3 different things you have a chance of getting at the begining of each try.
    Pebble- this is probably your best bet to getting to the end of each level, small for the first level,
    medium sized in the second level and pretty big for the third level.
    Can- I dont like these so much because they are sorta erratic when they bounce, you never can tell how
    far they will bounce if at all.
    Metal junk- i positively despise these. They are heavy, dont bounce well and generally dont help you at all.
    you can tell these from the rest as these will be squar-ish in shape and sorta resemble a book.

    Tips or Tricks:
    If you aim as high as you can at the begining, and wait for the color to get to the whitest it gets it will send the
    debris really far. Then, you can let it fall being careful to not let it hit any holes or pipes on the ground.
    Let the pebble bounce once or twice before using your Grundo Boost, you only have 3 to use for each level.
    (unless you get more from the Space Dust on the ground)
    The spaceship at the end of each level gets progressively larger, giving you a better target to hit.

    thanks for reading this long and drawn out guide, i hope it helps, and i hope you enjoyed
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    Great guide i never about the B power up.

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    my highest score was about 14kplus ! its quite hard to achieve that><

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