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Thread: Guide To Building A Shell Up From Scratch for Profit!!

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    Guide To Building A Shell Up From Scratch for Profit!!

    So you have an account that looks something like this:

    Do you want to turn that basic 10 cent shell you have into at least a $5 bill? Well than this guide is for you!

    First off you need to find a shell whether its from an unregistered email or you can simply buy one off someone in the trades section as someone is usually always selling shells. Well named or very well named accounts usually go for more so I would use one of those if possible!

    Now that you have your shell turn on a proxy so that you don't get linked back to your main and get frozen!
    If you don't know what a proxy is or how to use one than I suggest you check out this awesome guide written by Bammeh right here: (you need an account to see links)

    Now login into the shell and change all the info (Email, PW, PIN, NF's) so in case the original user decides he wants to play again he can't get the account back from you.

    After that you can start building the account up by getting some avatars on it. To start you can use an avatar grabber to get around 80-90 quick avatars! There's one nice working one on this site here that deadfolx made right here: (you need an account to see links)

    Once you get all the basic clickables you can start working on the other nice cheap avatars which you can find here: (you need an account to see links)
    That is a nice site to keep check on what avatars you have on what accounts. There's about 100 or so cheap avatars so after all that you have at least 150 avatars already!
    Now if you want some game avatars I recommend you try getting them yourself at first because using a score sender will lower the price of the account a bit, or if you look around im sure you can find someone who can do this service for you! Here's one program written by Infamous Joe himself: (you need an account to see links)
    All you hvae to do is look around and find some safe times to send. Or there's also a pretty simple GM script that you can use too right here: (you need an account to see links) I have been using that GM script for a while now and have very low freeze rates with it.
    After you get a bunch of game avatars on it you should be close to if not already at 200 avatars! Wasn't that easy!

    Now your avatar count should look something like this:
    (you need an account to see links)

    Now onto stamps! Stamp count is also a good factor for making the account look more legit! Heres a guide that is being worked on by GTO and once it is done there will be a lot of cheap stamps that you can get: (you need an account to see links)

    Next is NeoCards! There is also another wonderful guide on this site written by Danny which has a list of 130 different stamps and you only have to spend about 180k on them! 130 stamps looks a lot better than a plain old 0 Heres the link to that guide: (you need an account to see links)

    Another good thing to have on an account that people like to have when they want to use the account as their main is a high amount of BD wins! There are many BD pets out in the trade section that you can buy and use to get those BD stats up! Unless you want to train your own pet which is very time consuming!

    Next thing to know is that accounts with RW or RN pets on it increase the value a bit too because RW's and RN's often trade for some nice pets in the PC. It's awfully hard and time consuming to find a RW or RN that isn't already taken. Something that helps is a Pet Name Availability Checker. There is currently none on this site but if you look around on google im sure you could find one Once you get the program just start finding lists of words and names. Sometimes its tricky but i'll help you out a bit and heres a nice site to get word lists from: (you need an account to see links)

    Last but not least is the game trophies! Having trophies can greatly increase the value of an account especially if there is a lot of them. There are many easy to get game trophies that you can get simply with a program which aren't on this site currently but im sure you could find them all easily Now if you want some of the harder to get trophies that you can't use an APer for than I suggest practicing ALOT or just take the easy way out and use Joe's Majin Score Sender just make sure you use safe times and dont SS too many trophies at once or you will be frozen.

    Now that you have all of that you account should now be looking something like this (not exactly, but close):
    (you need an account to see links)
    (you need an account to see links)

    I know this guide isn't exactly perfect, but its a work in progress I will be adding more to it when I get more free time! I would love some feedback so I know what else should be in it. Will be putting more better pictures in too!

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