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Thread: Neopets round table poker guide

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    Neopets round table poker guide

    Firstly, this game is rated T for teens above 13 years old. So if your neopets account is below 13 i'm sorry but this guide won't benefit you in anyway.

    Back to topic, round table poker rules are like 5 card draw poker that some of you might know. The objective of this game is to win your opponent by having the highest-ranked card and earn nps and to be the richest at the end of all the rounds and you will proceed to the next round, with the last round being round 6. This game like every other card games in neopets (pyramid,cheat,go go go! etc) are base alot on luck.

    The rules,
    the rules of the game quite simple. The hand starts with everyone adding ante to the pot (10nps) and will then receive 5 cards. After that, a series of betting (which starts with 10nps) or checking begins known as the first betting round. After that the draw phrase begins, everyone will start discarding 0-4 cards (depending on their choice with 0 cards which means that their cards are good to 4 cards which means their cards are not as good ***more on that later ) and be replaced by the same amount of cards. Following that it will be the second betting round (which starts with 20nps). if you win you will be taking all the nps from the pot and if you tie with others, the pot is split.

    Moves you can do while your turn,
    1)Check which is to not participate in any bet but still keep your cards (only available if you are the first player to move or the player(s) in front of you check(s).
    2)Bet which is to start a bet when a player in front of you checks.
    3)Call to bet the same amount as the player in front of you.
    4)Raise to add one more bet to the player in front of you.
    5)Lastly, Fold which is to remove cards from your hand, which ultimately means that you automatically lose that particular hand.

    The possible hands in order of rankings
    1)Straight flush (you need an account to see links)
    It is the hardest hand to get and hence it is the highest ranked hand possible, a straight flush is a hand whereby all of the cards are in numerical order fulfilling the straight part of its name and all the cards in their suits must match fulfilling the flush portion.
    if there are two straight flushes competing the higher ranked cards will win. with A-K-Q-J-10 being
    the highest straight flush combination (also known as royal flush) and 5-4-3-2-A being the lowest in rank.

    2)Four of a kind (you need an account to see links)
    It is the second highest ranked hand losing only to straight flush. it consists of 4 cards of the same rank
    such as in this case, 4 9s and one card of any kind. Again, if there are two four of a kinds, the higher rank of the 4 cards win. For example 9-9-9-9-3 vs 10-10-10-10-3 (wins)

    3)Full house (you need an account to see links)
    It is the third highest ranked hand. It consist of 3 of a kind and a pair. When there are two full house competing, the winner is being chosen by the rank of the 3 of a kind cards. For example, 3-3-3-2-2
    vs 4-4-4-2-2 (wins)

    4)Flush (you need an account to see links)
    It is a hand better than straight but lousier than full house. It consist of any 5 cards with the same suit.
    If the highest cards from each players' hands tie, the next highest-ranking cards determine the winner, and so on. For example A-10-6-4-3 will win A-10-6-4-2

    5)Straight (you need an account to see links)
    It consist of a 5 cards in five cards in sequence, but not of the same suit (as it will become straight flush that way) The higher rank cards will be the higher straight if two straights compete. Example A-K-Q-J-10
    wins 10-9-8-7-6

    6)Three of a kind (you need an account to see links)
    It consist of 3 cards of the same rank and any two cards as long as it is not a pair ( as it will become full house) The higher rank of the three of a kind will decide its rank when two three of a kind compete.
    For example A-A-A-4-3 will win K-K-K-4-3

    7)Two pairs (you need an account to see links)
    It is made up of two separate combinations of two cards of the same rank. The hand with the highest ranking pair wins against another hand that has Two Pair (example, A-A-10-10-9 *wins* vs K-K-10-10-9). If the highest-ranking pairs tie, the hand with the second highest-ranking pair wins ( example, 10-10-9-9-8 *wins* vs 10-10-6-6-8). If all the pairs in both hands tie, then the hand with the highest-ranking fifth card wins ( example A-A-10-10-9 *wins* vs A-A-10-10-8)

    8)One pair (you need an account to see links)
    It consists of two cards of the same rank and 3 random cards that is not the same. The higher pair will win against the lower pair (example 10-10-9-8-7 *wins* vs 4-4-9-8-7) and if both hands have the same pair, the highest ranking unmatched card in the hand determines the winner ( example 10-10-A-5-4 *wins* vs 10-10-K-5-4)

    9)High card (you need an account to see links)
    It basically means you have nothing and by any case you are still having a high card after the draw phrase you are better off folding. The higher ranked card wins vs other higher ranked cards (example A-5-2-4-7 *wins* vs 6-5-2-4-7)

    Now that aside we can come to the tips
    Tip #1
    Always take a look at how many cards the computer discards, it gives a big clue on what type of hand the ai has. For example, if the ais discard 3 or 4(unlikely) cards it means that their hand are no good and most likely they have a high card or they might have a pair (unlikely). If you have a pair, and all the ais discard this amount of cards, you are good to go to bet as you will most likely win but make sure that you have at least a pair of 10s. (unless they get lucky and drew 2 pairs)
    If they discard 2 cards, this means that they probably have three of a kind and are hoping to get four of a kind or full house. Unless you have a three of a kind of your own, this is the time to fold.
    If they discard 1 card, there are a number of possibilities. Either
    A) They have 2 pairs
    They are looking for a flush as they have 4 same suited cards
    C) They are looking for a straight as they have 4 cards in sequence ( for example, 9-8-7-6-2 also known as the open ended straight draw or 10-8-7-6-2)
    It is usually safe to bet if they check as it just means that they fail in getting a straight or a flush. However
    if they bet, you can bet if you have a full house, flush ,straight, straight flush or consider to bet if you have a three of a kind or a high two pair like A-A-K-K-Q(as you might think they have only 2 pairs) or fold if you have high card or a pair.

    If they did not discard any cards, this definitely means they have full house, flush ,straight, straight flush.
    Fold if you do not have any of these combinations.

    Tip #2
    Always take a look at their expression when you click Deal! and when they discard their cards. Watch out if they look normal or are smiling/crying or giving a stern look (only applies to Kalandra). you can use that to judge how good/bad their cards are and respond to it. However, do take note that it isn't 100% correct as some of them are good at bluffing and have a poker face.

    Tip #3
    Combine the expression and the number of cards they discarded together to guess their cards and next see how if they bet. If they were smiling and discard < 2 cards, be careful when playing against them unless you have good hand. And by any means if you are up against two players which behaves like the one i stated just now, and they are constantly re-raising each other it is best that you fold unless you have a EXTREMELY good hand.

    The rewards(fun part, for you because you win something, for me because it is coming to the end of this guide)

    Round # # Hands NP Cost NP Award
    1 5 150 450
    2 8 500 1500
    3 10 1000 3000
    4 12 2500 7500
    5 16 5000 15000
    6* 16 10000 30000

    You will receive trophy at tournament 5.
    Okay you have come to the end of the guide. GoodBye!
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    aiming to reach 100 rep
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