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Stealth CORE [Multi-Threaded Bot]

Uploaded by Infamous Joe - 02-27-2013
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Stealth CORE by j03
Last updated: 12/08/2023

Screenshots (Updated as of v4.5.0):

The long awaited Stealth CORE is finally out for release. Stealth CORE is a stand-alone Neopets auto-player. With Stealth CORE you may choose your desired program to run at a time you choose during your timezone. Have you ever wanted to visit the Snowager or the Symol Hole every X amount of hours in order to get the avatar quickly, but you ALWAYS lost track of time and forgot? Have you wanted to have all the dailies completed on a bunch of your accounts very easily with the click of a few buttons for all? With Stealth CORE you can do this and much more. Stealth CORE is an account manager that will build on your account for you while you are away from the computer. It is easy to use and supports multi-threading which means tasks can be run at the same time for individual accounts. There is also the option to use a proxy for accounts so you can hide each one from each other to Neopets.

Please note that some tasks are only available to certain ranks!

HOW TO USE: (for version 4.7.9 and up)


Whenever I release an update, go through the same install steps and you're set with the latest version of Stealth Core. All of your settings files will have the same data unless specified!

IMPORTANT: To update, simply delete the old StealthCORE.exe and replace with the new one. Do not delete any folders/files Stealth Core creates or you may lose
saved logs and settings!

A more in-depth guide post on Stealth CORE

Stealth CORE Features:

-) clraik Authorization (clraik Rank+ or clraik VIP)
-) Controls to Start/Stop Program
-) Neopets Login Manager (FIREFOX + CHROME COOKIE SUPPORT - Please try with Firefox/cookie string from your personal browser if you have NeoPass enabled)
-) Supports premium account support (SSW for tasks like Kad Feeding, Questers, Shop Pricing, etc.)
#) Multiple Account Login (or just load one account) with proxy and premium support (Edit "Accounts.txt" file in Accounts folder)
#) Standard format: user:pass:0:0:false <- login with no proxy, indicating account does not have premium via "false"
#) Here is the format to use a proxy with your account: user:pass:proxyIP:port:true
#) Here is the format to NOT use a proxy with your account: user:pass:0:0:false
#) Each unique login saves a record of the accounts cookies in the "Accounts" folder so next
time you login the program does not have to enter your password unless the session expired
-) CORE Scheduler to schedule tasks to be run on your account(s)
#) Task selection (What to run on your account)
#) Account selection
#) Start time settings
#) Optional stop schedule settings
#) Optional repeat schedule every hour(s)/minute(s)/second(s)
#) Log of all scheduled tasks waiting to be run, running, or completed
-) Informative tooltips for program settings and features
-) Stealth CORE Log of all activity for every account
#) Remove all entries for the selected username
-) Able to automatically load a list of premade schedules so you can quickly start botting
#) Check the "Data" folder for a premade list
#) Start and End Time can be set to "*" to start task at the current time immediately
#) You can add to the current time value (ie. *+2:2:2 adds 2 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds)
-) Remove a scheduled task from the list any time you wish
-) Capable of running 24/7 with tasks set to repeat (ie. Once-a-Day Dailies every 24 hours)
-) Logs every random event encounter while running!

-) Link Visitor functionality - added "remove" link, "clear" links buttons
-) Battledome AP optimized - able to use two of the same items to battle now
-) Battledome pet configuration update - auto-saves upon close/auto-loads upon login now (multi-pet support)
-) Minor optimizations

-) Link Visitor functionality - added "remove" link, "clear" links buttons
-) Battledome AP optimized - able to use two of the same items to battle now
-) Battledome pet configuration update - auto-saves upon close/auto-loads upon login now (multi-pet support)
-) SSW Sniper will only buy one item if configured, as it should
-) Optimized Illusen/Jhudora quest bots
-) Minor optimizations

-) UI updates: fixed empty panel bug, added additional status info while botting
-) Secret Lab daily functioning again
-) Fixed multi-login capabilities
-) Kacheek Seek AP patched + working again
-) Faerie Quester checks SDB for item first before shop wiz (if enabled)
-) Auto-selects active pet in Battledome settings tab configuration
-) Super Shop Wiz functioning again
-) The Coincidence Quester bot revamped - functioning again

-) UI updates: menu tab will retain the last panel shown when clicking between menu/log
-) Fixed login syncing code which broke after the new homepage was released
-) Connection code updates, more stable with server lag
-) Option to list inventory item names whenever quick-stock is performed
-) Battledome Fighter optimized for when pet health reaches 0
-) Added optional checkbox to auto-deposit inventory upon successful grab for Money Tree Collector bot
-) Minor updates/optimizations

-) Optimized Grumpy King/Wise Old King bots for new layout
-) Optimized shop buying code to detect if transaction expired
-) Optimized Battledome Fighter to cure your battle pet from any illness if needed before fighting

-) New bot - Faerie Shard Collector, collects all shards on both Faerieland pages
-) Addressed notorious shop wiz bug that purchased first result found instead of lowest priced
-) Optimized Super Shop Wiz bot, waits to be unbanned if banned
-) Optimized Stamp Collector bot
-) Optimized Neodeck Collector bot

v4.9.9iv Update Info:
-) Update login interface - cookie/manual login both have their own tabs now
-) Optimized Dice-A-Roo bot to handle page errors
-) Updated logging code to show more messages, including essential bot actions for the status
-) Optimized Money Tree Collector, stops after X amount of fails while detecting max grabs for the day
-) Fixed alerting system to show newer Random Events again
-) Script error pop ups are now suppressed from showing up and interrupting SC

v4.9.9j Update Info:
-) Updated Login system - users can provide a cookie string to login now! See forum update post/program description for more info
#) To get your cookies for manual cookie login, press F12 while in your browser (Firefox, Chrome) and click the Network tab, refresh any page on Neopets and click on one of the results and under the Request Headers, copy the value of Cookie (right click -> copy value) and paste this into the textbox field to login.
-) Firefox + Chrome Cookie login methods patched for the 4,543,204th time
-) Fixed StackPath/crashing issue happening recently
-) Improved Battledome Fighter bot, heals pet with purchased potion again, added continuous fighting after 2nd move, correct ability used in log
-) Support for random events on newer pages added
-) Qasalan Expillibox daily works again (https fix)
-) Money Tree Grabber supports Scamander Day now, add Scamander to your item list and it will keep trying without stopping unless you stop the program

v4.9.9i Update Info:
-) Shop Auto-Pricer functioning properly again
-) Super Shop Wizard functionality working again (if you're account is premium, set this to true)
-) Lottery Ticket Buyer enhancements - will default to buy during Once-A-Day Dailies bot
-) New bot - Beauty Contest Auto-Voter - will vote for all pets entered in community
-) PIN interface enhancements
-) Brain Tree / Edna (fixed) / Kitchen Quester enhancements
-) Stamp & Neodeck Collector bots optimized, added option to save list of needed stamps/cards
-) Random Event catcher optimized to record premium events
-) Illusen Quester functioning again
-) Secret Labray functioning again

v4.9.9h Update Info:
-) Fixed user-agent update code, no longer hangs during authorization
-) Tyranu Evavu player will record your high score again
-) More dailies updated for new layout
-) Minor optimizations

v4.9.9g Update Info:
-) Allows user to set whether account is premium or not (see description - feature list for updated information)
-) Fixed Tyranu Evavu bot, reads cards
-) Fixed Brain Tree Quester, Esophoger update
-) Coltzans Shrine, Jelly, Tombola dailies updated, display result again
-) Fixed a crash that happened when Money Tree Collector did not have an assigned item list
-) Daily Puzzle daily fixed, displays result
-) Fixed Faerie Quester bot
-) Added 17 additional bots you can schedule individually - mostly dailies (see all available tasks described in the task list in README file for a list of all of them with a description)
-) Added "queue bot" setting, allows Stealth Core to reschedule a daily in the next hour if it's unavailable due to the time

v4.9.9f Update Info:
-) Gormball auto-player optimization
-) Kitchen & Brain Tree Questers fixed to work with new layout
-) Fixed premium account detection during login (again)
-) Fixed Faerie Quester bot

v4.9.9e Update Info:
-) New bot - Gormball Auto-Player - auto-plays Gormball and allows you to set your character and choose between avatar or high score mode under Game Player Settings
-) Anonymous Mode: feature to hide any sensitive details in the output log, under Advanced tab
-) Stamp Collector bot fixed, added total stamps bought in final output, option to reverse the list of stamps you need, so we check newer stamps first + more
-) Lab Ray, bank interest, Money Tree Grabber, Fishing, Magical Blue Grundo,
-) Optimized Shop Wizard searching, no longer values cheap items for "999999" NP

Past changelogs:

v4.9.9d Update Info:
-) Optimized for BETA theme
-) Lottery Ticket Buyer buys tickets again (long live the Neopian Lottery!!)
-) Successful login shows when completed in the log now.
-) 'Account Manager' tab renamed to 'Task Manager', more appropriate/interface easier to understand
-) Added 'stop if avatar/SHH event received' options to Neo Link Visitor and a few opimizations

v4.9.9c Update Info:
-) Added "Daily Essentials" button in Once-A-Day Dailies Settings tab, selects essential dailies that return NP, items, avatars, trophies, etc. while also trying not to spend too much NP.
-) Stock Market bot will now sell stocks if you have a PIN set
-) More daily results are now added under the Notifications tab
-) Removed HTML tags from Lab Ray result
-) Successful login will shift focus to settings tab

v4.9.9b Update Info:
-) Fixed Battledome win count limit setting
-) Optimized repeat time interface code
-) Fixed Shop Pricer not pricing items over 99,999 NP
-) Once-A-Day Dailies will save inventory page in log folder if setting is enabled, previously was not programmed
-) Fixed Spider Refresher bot from accidentally switching to beta theme
-) Optimized Coconut Shy player bot
-) Fixed NP on hand not depositing properly to your bank

v4.9.9 Update Info:
-) Fixed an issue of overwriting Chrome user-agent with the Firefox UA auto-update feature
-) Optimized shop wizard logic and will no longer try to purchase from own shop
-) Added Potato Counter bot, auto-plays HTML-based potato counting game for potential 225 NP per day (82,125 NP/year)
-) Fixed statistics calculating total avatar count obtained from logs
-) Optimized "Something Has Happened" event handling code
-) Added "maximum neopoints on hand" setting to Dailies tab, deposits excess NP if detected
-) Added more tooltips for Stealth Core menubar
-) Program status now displays every bot started
-) Fixed an issue SC could not detect NP on hand for some accounts
-) Pick Your Own AP has been fixed, added option to collect only berries
-) Snow Wars auto-player fixed random crash while playing
-) Some background optimizations/minor fixes
-) Battledome AP fixed + optimized, added abilities
-) Kadoatie Feeder optimized
-) Cheeseroller bot optimized, displays high scores, game progress, final score
-) Wishing Well bot will now display if you won
-) Fixed beta theme from causing issues

v4.9.8 Update Details:
-) Fixed Firefox cookie login regarding the changes made by Mozilla
-) Optimized Food Club bot, collects possible winnings before starting bets
-) Patched and made minor optimizations to dailies

v4.9.7 Update Details:
-) Self-updating user-agent settings with Firefox! (must have Firefox browser installed)
-) Restored Coconut Shy, Super Shop Wizard functionality
-) Program has been upgraded to handle higher resolution screens and should look better overall
-) Stock Market bot can now sell your stocks when they reach X NP-) Fixed "bot started" label issue

v4.9.6c Update Details:

-) Newly updated/optimized auth system that now works with our forum homepage stats!

v4.9.6 Update Details:
-) Brain Tree Quester now displays answers grabbed
-) Pick Your Own bot optimized, works again and displays item(s) grabbed
-) Optimized SSW functionality, also works again
-) Added "Save page of Fruit Machine wins" settings to the Dailies Settings tab in Settings
-) Minor optimizations and fixes
-) Fixed a flaw where you couldn't shuffle the Once-a-Day Dailies for multiple accounts to run at once
-) Fixed Bagatelle/Coconut Shy bugs
-) Checks if enough NP is on hand before buying items

v4.9.5 Update Details:
-) New bot - Neo Link Visitor: Load a list of link(s) for Stealth Core to visit once, twice, many times... randomly
* Basically, you can tell SC a list of links to go to
* Format accepted for a command:

url last_page
url post_data last_page
delay minute_value

* Why last page? Some Neopets pages require you to send the last page or it won't work/you'll get an error.

* Essentially, you can make your own task now
* You can make this script login to another account
* You can schedule this task to do whatever, catching/handling all random events
* Delays between page views are still made from the configured settings under Advanced
* This bot is not the intended full Stealth Core experience, where safety is completely managed!

* Example script:

Code: destination=%252Findex.phtml&username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD type=get_jelly
* ^ Remember to separate url/data with spaces as that is the required delimiter for each line!

* The above script: visits Neopets, tries to login (into another account - typically I would be against doing this in a script but I wanted to give an example on POSTing data to Neopets), visits green jelly page, tries to collect green jelly
* How did I know to use this data for Neopets? I used an add-on for Firefox called HTTP Header Live. You can use
other addons/programs to record your internet traffic and observe it too, just search "http header addon/program".

Check my Wireshark guide here:

-) NP checking implemented to make sure you have enough neopoints on hand to run certain tasks (still being added to bots)
-) Kad Feeder bot optimized and corrected
-) Optimized program settings
-) Logged out? SC will now log your account back in and resume active task(s)

v4.9.4 Update Details:
-) New proxy system implemented for SC
* Like before, multi-login list being loaded requires user:pass:proxyIP:port format
* Cookie login has proxy support
* Proxy requires login? Add it in under Advanced tab

-) NeoPoker profit calculation is now accurate
-) Optimized Kadoatie Feeder bot
-) Blue Grundo daily (TDMBGPOP) now displays result
-) Food Club bot allows either maximum bet or lower amount now in Settings tab
-) Repeat task code optimized, sets new start time for correct task when multiple schedules exist
-) Igloo Buyer deposit on buy setting works
-) Optimized Super Shop Wiz searching, will not try to buy from your own shop anymore if you have the cheapest item being searched
-) Money Tree Collector grabs will now alert + log entry added in green
-) Copy Log button fixed
-) Expellibox fixed

-) Added bot NeoPoker AP - auto-plays NeoPoker for you and displays how much NP you won
-) Added stop after X games played setting for NeoPoker
-) Optional screenshot inventory (HTML page) after completing dailies
-) Added universal bot delay setting under "Advanced" tab - this will delay the bot between visits when applicable
-) Added new statistic - total kadoaties fed
-) Added new statistic - total NP made from NeoPoker
-) Added optional max NP to spend setting for SSW Sniper
-) SSW Sniper allows you to set how many times to search for each item, can be random
-) Removed Plushie Tycoon player bot, needs to be re-programmed
-) Added "Copy Log" button which copies the entire log to your clipboard
-) Fixed Kitchen Quester max spend per quest setting, works
-) Added detailed log to Coltzans Shrine and Tombola dailies


-) Fixed Stock Market buying, will buy cheapest stock again
-) Optimized Neopets login with more detail of the process for end-user to know
-) Battledome AP settings are no longer saved due to bug which did not allow user to select a pet
-) Scheduler will now display in label that you created a new schedule for associated account


-) Optimized notifications
-) Optimized Snow Wars AP, fixed some issues for certain accounts
-) Fixed "Repeat Task" feature which crashed if you did not set a Stop Time

-) Optimised Neopets login
-) Neopets account check, display the value of your NP on hand for Stealth Core now
-) If repeat task is enabled for a bot, the repeat value will be added to the stop time as well so you can continuously run and stop a bot via Repeat Task feature
-) Program installer will check for SQLite again

-) New "Program Delay" label to display if bot is delaying and for how long (red = delayed, green = no longer delayed)
-) Optional alert over X guesses for Tyranu Evavu
-) Optional load top X high scores for the game being played, if it has a high score table
-) Clicking the notification will now bring Stealth Core to the screen focused and also display the log
-) Fixed Grave Danger not clicking to continue
-) Spins again if you get a free spin for Wheel of Knowledge
-) Lottery Better bot will now check and alert if you won the previous day, with winnings amount
-) Added more essential notifications
-) Screenshot files will now include the bot in the file name for easier management
-) Fixed Snow Wars AP for premium Neopets accounts
-) Fixed SSW Sniper issue where it was not buying items
-) BattleDome AP settings now save
-) Optimized Battledome AP healing
-) Pick Your Own bot optimized and corrected
-) Quest rewards are now highlighted in the log
-) SSW Sniper will now alert and highlight in the log on success
-) Optimized scratchcard buyer statistics
-) Heavily optimized Brain Tree Quester
-) Shop Auto-Pricer error when item has over quantity of 25 did not price page, FIXED!
-) Lottery Ticket Buyer made into standalone bot
-) Added Battledome AP bot, after logging in your pet stats will be loaded, capable of battling as many times as you want, displays prizes, and more
-) Added Brain Tree Quester bot, will automatically do everything required to complete the quest, posts result
-) Scratch card buyers will now display card received
-) Added delay between dailies, optional deposit inventory on completion under Extra Settings tab
-) Might have fixed some cookie loading issues that were brought up in the last update
-) Added Meteor Crash to the Scheduled task list
-) Faerie Quester will now accept the daily quest when Faerie Festival is happening
-) A few minor optimizations/bug fixes

-) Added Igloo Garage Buyer bot, load a list of items (one per line), double check settings and start sniping! Max 10. per day
-) Added Bagatelle bot, will play and display result until maximum tries reached
-) Optimized Money Tree Collector bot, detects grabs and deposits inventory after grabs
-) Added Wishing Well as a separate bot
-) Optimized Lever of Doom AP to stop after maximum tries reached
-) Once-A-Day Dailies bot will now run stock depositer bot at the end to clean up inventory
-) Added spin count in log for Brucey B and Black Pawkeet Slot auto-players
-) Symol Hole bot optimized, bug fixes
-) SSW feature identifies if you're on a faerie quest now
-) Fixed SDB Checker for questing/kadding/etc. where it did not withdraw correct item if it had 1 word name (ie. Orange, Apple, etc.)
-) Clicking "Scheduler" will now default the time displayed to current, will auto-select first username in list for ease
-) Minor fixes and optimizations
-) Added more settings to be saved upon exit
-) Added optional setting to collect Food Club winnings, every day or certain day of the week
-) Added "Check All", "Uncheck All", "Shuffle" buttons under Once-A-Day Dailies settings tab
-) Added maximum tries setting for Lever of Doom AP
-) Stop code heavily optimized for most bots
-) Some minor fixes and optimizations
-) Revamped Once-A-Day Dailies bot, allows you to run almost every bot available one after the other
-) Added new bot, Pick Your Own Auto-Player - auto-plays the game Pick Your Own, tries to get 6 items for avatar
-) Added Giant Omelette to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Added Lunar Temple solver to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Added Wishing Well to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Added Faerie Caverns to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Added Obsidian Quarry to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Added Meteor Crash to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Added Magma Pool Checker to Once-A-Day Dailies bot (Credits: Daviid)
-) Fishing bot now uses all of your pets (Credits: Daviid)
-) Fixed crashes happening between 12AM-1AM
-) Faerie Quester made into its own task
-) Fixed SSW auto-pricer messing up on unbuyables/items with special characters in the name
-) Deadly Dice bot now works, it will detect ties and keep trying as well (good for the avatar)
-) Many improvements/changes
-) Added new bot, Cheat! Auto-Player - auto-plays the card game Cheat!, can beat the entire game for a gold trophy
-) Optional disable colorful log check added under Advanced Settings
-) Optional use items if in SDB check under Advanced Settings, applies to Kadoatie Feeder, Kitchen & Edna Questers so far. Set PIN under Advanced Settings if you have this on your SDB
-) Added Spider Refresher settings tab, stop after X refreshes and delay between refreshes options added
-) Added Debug Mode option, will now save all pages visited by Stealth Core in HTML format in 'stealthCORE Logs' folder
-) Added option to save special events received in HTML format in 'stealthCORE Logs' folder (SHH, avatars, etc.)
-) Added option for Monyey Tree Collector, stop after X refreshes

-) Added new bot, Snow Wars Auto-Player - auto-plays the board game Snow Wars, can beat the entire game
-) Added new bot, Neodeck Collector - buys missing cards and puts into your deck
-) Added total random events to statistics
-) Cookie login - settings save now, optimized manual cookie file locator
-) Added Coincidence Quester settings
-) A bunch of optimizations

-) Fixed SSW Sniper to search exact, stops searching when user clicks Stop, checks to see if item was bought
-) Fixed Shop Auto-Pricer SSW search to be exact
-) Illusen/Jhudora Questers, Kad Feeder, Stamp Collector, Edna and Kitchen Questers support SSW
-) SSW Sniper settings added - max search, stop after searching list
-) Fixed King Altador daily, works again
-) Fixed User-Agent feature for cookie login
-) Optimized bot detection for unlocking a new avatar
-) Symol Hole bot optimized, will repeat until an item/np is found (for the avatar)
-) Coltzans Shrine (12 hours), Test Your Strength (6 hours), and Qasalan Expellibox (8 hours) are now seperate bots, but still in dailies

-) Added new bot, Super Shop Wiz Sniper - list mode, deposit on snipe, buy if more than one, etc.
-) Heavily optimized Shop Auto-Pricer bot, fixed bugs and added SSW support for premium accounts
-) Black Pawkeet/Brucey B Slots optimized alerts (added "notify when prize over X" setting)
-) Fixed an issue with minimize to tray feature
-) Optimized Stamp Collector bot
-) Added total NP spent on stamps under Statistics
-) Kad Feeder, Edna & Kitchen Questers quick stock inventory to SDB upon start now
-) Added a button to open your schedules file, under Account Manager
-) Kitchen Quester optimized

-) Faerie Quest Completer added, auto-completes faerie quests when received via random events-) Added support for more random events
-) Optimized scheduler, can set day/month/year and the program is fully capable of running 24/7
-) Fixed Kadoatie Feeder issues after successfully feeding a kad
-) Updated Qasalan Expellibox daily
-) Slorg's free 50NP returns to dailies
-) Added Grave Danger to bot list
-) Fixed Geraptiku Deserted Tomb log message
-) Snowager visitor optimized
-) Spooky Scratchcard buy process optimized, user will not see a difference
-) Added new bot, Kacheek Seek Auto-Player - automatically plays random levels, looks in random spots until pet found, keeps track of NP won, alerts if avatar received
-) Added total NP won from Kacheek Seek to Statistics window
-) Dice-A-Roo AP bot optimized
-) Inventory is deposited into SDB whenever you win items from Dice-A-Roo


-) Fixed random event/spinning wheels messages to look a little better
-) New notifications panel
-) Notifications are optional
-) More settings are being saved now
-) Notifications log will be saved with application log now in stealthCORE Logs folder
-) Healing Springs is now a task, along with dailies
-) User-Agent setting works again, fixed for this release

-) Added new bot, Kadoatie Feeder - automatically feeds kads, keeps track of UB items, randomized spots, logs speed, etc.
-) Program log improvements - changes color for random events, certain prize logs, if the month is October, December, February, etc.
-) Stealth Core will now catch and record all Random Events/Faerie Quests while botting
-) Optimized Spider Refresher
-) User-Agent is now saved automatically with the rest of the settings

-) New awesome look
-) New settings interface for all bots
-) Settings will automatically save when you close the program
-) Added new bot, Edna Quester
-) Added new bot, Kitchen Quester
-) Fixed Shop Auto-Pricer bug that might cause program to crash
-) Shop Auto-Pricer allows you to exclude items from being priced now
-) Added minimize to tray option, account PIN option, how long you want the notifications window to show


-) Stealth Core supports browser cookies so you don't have to login manually anymore! FireFox + Chrome
-) Added new bot, Shop Auto-Pricer
-) Settings file will update for any new settings added to the bot now when you login to your account/s
-) Fixed a bug in Spider Refresher bot, caused crashing

-) Added new bot, Money Tree Collector
-) Added new "Update/Calibrate Settings" button for all accounts running, update changes you made to Settings file anytime now
-) Settings.txt file is updated automatically now with each update (reverts your file to default settings [safely] so adjust back to usual settings
-) Bug patch for Statistics feature
-) More informative messages throughout using the bot
-) Fixed Stamp Collector, also displays how much item from SW cost + total NP spent at very end
-) Minor bug fixes/enhancements

-) Added new "Statistics" window. SC uses old log files to display some cool numbers!
-) Added cookie support for login (again) so SC won't require logging in again if cookies from before are valid
-) User-Agent support
-) Added "Clear All" button to empty log entirely

-) Stop button modified. Bot will now be stopped when "Stop" button is pressed, instead of just stopping the timer
-) Stamp Collector has new "max_to_spend" setting, adds up cost of all stamps bought and won't go over
-) Works much better when site is lagging
-) Notification windows for when you get avatars/trophies/lots of NP/prizes are now WORKING!!!
-) Added "History" button that will open your program log folder

-) Fixed Kiss The Mortog/Double Or Nothing bots, they will now collect the prize

-) This program has an official installer now. Updating is so much easier now!
-) Added "save log" checkbox back
-) Log will follow the latest entry now
-) Fixed authorization
-) Few minor fixes

v3.0.7 Changelog:
-) Optional to have lucky days running Stealth Core saved, check "Log" tab.
-) Fixed crash when trying to login more than one account

v3.0.6 Changes:
-) Major Plushie Tycooner update. Fixed the error upon running issue and is much more stable.
-) Test Your Strength/Dice-A-Roo log is more readable.
-) Login does not require proxy/port anymore. You can have username:password to login.

-) New layout, more appealing and easier to use/configure
-) Added a Plushie Tycoon auto-player (Plushie Tycooner)
-) Notification system (MSN-style alerts for avatars/trophies)
-) Fixed program not opening because Data folder is missing (auto-creates now)
-) Removed lottery from task list and added into "Once-a-day-dailies" task, you can enable/disable from settings
-) Improved connection code with Neo
-) Food Club settings now allows a 2nd petpage URL (in case of empty bets for the first)
-) Lots of good changes...

V2.3.0 Changes:
-) Added Stamp Collector task, buys missing stamps and puts into your album
-) Added Test Your Strength to dailies
-) Added Healing Springs to dailies
-) Fixed Kiko Pop avatar error
-) Added Account Re-Login task, use this if you were on your account and Stealth Core was logged out

V2.0.0 Changes:
-) Added Illusen Quester
-) Added Jhudora Quester
-) Fixed tab index on single login (press enter button to login as well now)
-) Added more settings (dailies can be optional + more)
-) Added Kiko Pop auto-player + settings for difficulty + avatar detection when playing

V1.9 Changes:
-) Settings compatible with all tasks now (ie. set collect value for Kiss Mortog or DoN)
-) Added Kiss the Mortog auto-player
-) Added Double or Nothing auto-player
-) Minor improvements to Food Club Better
-) Fixed some bugs when you did not have the Data folder

V1.8 Changes:

-) Added Food Club Better, best to run before the round is over for that day (before 2PM NST)!

V1.7 Changes:
-) Program can now be setup to auto-start login + schedules after authorization,
meaning your neoDay is complete with only 3 clicks a day
-) Added self-setup, user-friendly one time setup per computer that creates a
smart and safe schedule of programs to run each time
-) Tweaked the Coincidence Auto-Quester

V1.6.3 Changes:
-) Added The Coincidence task
-) Stock Market script tweak, tries to buy cheapest (15NP) first
-) Spider Refresher updates to work with new RE's
-) Spider Refresher shows when faerie quest received
-) Log now able to scroll horizontally so you can fully read certain logs

V1.6.2 Changes:
-) Fixed Lab Ray bug
-) Added Cheeseroller auto-player
-) Added Lever of Doom auto-puller

V1.5 Changes:
-) Added Stock Market buyer into Dailies
-) Added Advent Calender collector (only in Dec.) into Dailies
-) Added Black Pawkeet Slots task (auto-plays like a human and shows profit)
-) Added Brucey B Slots task (auto-plays like a human and shows profit)

V1.4 Changes:
-) Fixed 12 AM for next day recognition
-) Added new Spooky Food Contest event - this task grabs items after cheering + detects when to stop (23 times)
-) Bunch of minor fixes and improvements
This was a minor update, mostly for the SFC event on Neo

V1.3.2 Changes:
-) Added all wheels to tasks, thanks to RareDareDevil
-) Fixed Dice-A-Roo stopping when jackpot won

V1.3.0 Changes:
-) Added Forgotten Shore + Island Mystic to dailies
-) Added Tyranu Evavu task
-) Added Spider Refresher task
-) Added Coconut Shy task
-) Added Cellblock task
-) Authentication saves login (optional)
-) Few minor changes/fixes

V1.1.2 Changes:
-) Fixed timeout issues (errors displayed in the log before)
-) Added Dice-A-Roo
-) Added Turmaculus
-) UI changes and bug fixes for some dailies

List Of All Tasks Available:
-) Account Re-Login - Use this if you were on your account and Stealth Core was logged out
-) Once-a-Day Dailies - does many important dailies that are available once a day
-) Snowager - visits the Snowager for you
-) Buried Treasure - plays Buried Treasure for you using a random spot each time, records page result in History
-) Fishing - tries to go fishing with your active pet
-) Winter Scratchcard - buys a scratchcard
-) Spooky Scratchcard - buys a scratchcard
-) Desert Scratchcard - buys a scratchcard
-) Symole Hole - visits the Symole Hole continuously and picks a random action
-) Lottery - buys 20 lottery tickets for you
-) Dice-A-Roo - plays the game until bored
-) Turmaculus - visits Turmaculus to see if he is awake, records page result in History
-) Spider Refresher - visits random pages on Neopets and records random events
-) Tyranu Evavu - an auto-player that counts the deck so it chooses the smartest move
-) Coconut Shy - plays the game automatically until you have no more plays
-) Cellblock Auto-Player - auto-plays cellblock, can detect a number of ways to win
-) Wheel of "" - spins the wheel for you
-) Stock Market - buys 1000 of a cheap stock available for you (costs 15000-17000 NP)
-) Black Pawkeet Slots - auto-plays the slots and logs profit
-) Brucey B Slots - auto-plays the slots and logs profit
-) Cheeseroller - auto-plays the game three times and picks the cheapest cheese
-) Lever of Doom AP - this is an auto-puller, it will pull for as long as it is set to run for, and stop once you receive the avatar
-) The Coincidence - auto-completes this quest, waits until next quest available
-) Food Club Better - Places 10 bets used from a popular PetPage
-) Kiss the Mortog AP - auto-plays Kiss the Mortog and collects for avatar/your pick
-) Double or Nothing AP - auto-plays Double or Nothing and collects for avatar/your pick
-) Illusen Quester - auto-completes quest
-) Jhudora Quester - auto-completes quest
-) Stamp Collector - checks album, finds missing stamps and tries to buy and put into album if buyable
-) Money Tree Collector - automatically grabs items from the money tree based on your list
-) Shop Auto-Pricer - this bot automatically prices your shop regardless of how many pages you have (SSW support for premium accounts)
-) Edna Quester - automatically completes all quests (10) available for you
-) Kitchen Quester - automatically completes all quests (10) available for you
-) Kad Feeder - automatically feeds kads, keeps track of UB items, logs speed
-) Kacheek Seek Auto-Player - plays random levels, looks in random spots until pet found, keeps track of NP won, alerts if avatar received
-) Super Shop Wiz Sniper - list mode, deposit on snipe, buy if more than one, etc.
-) Snow Wars Auto-Player - auto-plays the board game Snow Wars, can beat the entire game
-) Neodeck Collector - checks card collection, finds missing cards and tries to buy and put into deck if buyable
-) Cheat! Auto-Player - auto-plays the card game Cheat!, can beat the entire game for a gold trophy
-) Pick Your Own Auto-Player - auto-plays the game Pick Your Own, tries to get 6 items for avatar
-) Faerie Quester - auto-completes faerie quests as long as the item is not too expensive
-) Igloo Garage Buyer - load a list of items (one per line), double check settings and start sniping! Max 10. per day
-) Bagatelle AP - plays the game automatically displaying result until you have no more plays
-) Battledome AP - after logging in your pet stats will be loaded, capable of battling as many times as you want, displays prizes, and more
-) Brain Tree Quester - will automatically do everything required to complete the quest, posts result
-) NeoPoker AP - auto-plays NeoPoker and keeps track of how much NP you won
-) Neo Link Visitor - Load a list of link(s) for Stealth Core to visit once, twice, many times... randomly
-) Potato Counter - auto-plays the HTML-based potato counting game (82,125 NP/year)
-) Grumpy King - Tells joke required for Jester avatar, twice per day, records page result in History
-) Wise Old King - Tries to impress the Wise Old King in Brightvale, records page result in History
-) Giant Jelly - Grabs jelly
-) Lunar Temple - solves puzzle for the daily
-) Forgotten Shore - Visits shore
-) Geraptiku Tomb - visits tomb daily in Geraptiku to try for the avatar, records page result in History
-) Tombola - plays Tombola for the day
-) Bank Interest - collects daily interest from bank if available
-) Fruit Machine - plays the Fruit Machine and records result if won in History
-) Blue Grundo (DMBGPOP) - visits the sad grundo with attempts to cheer him up for the super rare avatar
-) Secret Lab - visits the lab with active pet
-) Anchor Management - plays the Anchor Management daily
-) Advent Calendar - visits the Advent Calendar if it is the month of December, also collects hidden freebie
-) Kiko Pop - plays Kiko Pop with your preferred selection in Settings
-) Faerie Caverns - attempts to get through the Faerie Caverns, uses boon if available, records result if won in History
-) Obsidian Quarry - visits the Quarry for the daily rock
-) King Altador - visits the King to get the daily

Pro-Tip: To run 90%+ bots every day, it's best to have 75,000+ NP on hand.

Discussion Thread:

Anyone having issues, this program requires a Windows computer (XP and up), 64-bit computer with the latest version (or just get version 4.6) of .NET installed. Once you download and install Stealth Core, it should work - otherwise, please post in the topic above for help from the developer + community. Enjoy.

- for the clraik community, j03

Errors & Solutions

If you are having schedules not run when they are supposed to, or anything related to the time of your schedule:

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language, Region -> Region and Language

This is how it should look: